New You Plan #MChallenge Week 3 Winner

New You Plan #MChallenge Week 3 Winner

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#MChallenge week 3

We can’t believe we have already completed 3 full weeks of our #MChallenge! If you haven’t heard about it… where have you been?!

If you are already on your New You Plan journey, you’ll be well aware of the fact that our #moto has always been about helping our customers rediscover themselves. As soon as just a few days into the plan, the newbies on Secret Slimmers are always commenting that they are already seeing a shift in their #mindset! They are more #motivated than ever before to lose weight and really dedicate some time to their own transformation.

You see, losing weight shouldn’t just be about losing weight. We could just sell weight loss meals to our customers and leave them to it, but what would be the point in that? Sure, you would lose weight but without fully understanding your body and learning to view food as a source of fuel rather than just feeding our emotions is all part of the cycle. We must learn to scrap years and years of bad habits and start afresh!

Thankfully, we have found a winning formula for that… The #MChallenge!

This autumn we are on a mission to help as many customers as possible to lose weight, feel great and start living the life they’ve always dreamed of! With changing your #mindset and rediscovering who you are comes #moving out of your comfort zone. While that means different things to different people, we just love how on board everyone is getting. And as we round off our #MChallenge week 3, we’re delighted that customers have really upped the ante and pushed their boundaries! We’ve been flicking through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube and are so in AWE of their efforts to show their families and friends just how #motivated they are, by sharing photos and snippets of their New You Plan journey publicly on social media.

But before we jump in and reveal some of this week’s posts and winner here’s how you can involved!

#MChallenge week 3

We want as many customers as possible to take part in our #Mchallenge. Why? Because by jumping in and getting in on the action, you’ll be breaking boundaries and getting out of the comfort zone that you’ve spent years building. Plus, by sharing your successes on social media, you’ll be inspiring others and showing your family and friends just how proud you are of your progress!

This is what Lynn Stoneman, #MChallenge #Master had to say:

“Losing weight with The New You Plan has been amazing for my life in general. I have soo much more energy and enthusiasm and I am loving taking part in the #Mchalllenge – I love how The New You Plan encourages us all to have fun, and get active and think positive and inspire others! Plus it’s great to win prizes just for having fun and improving your life!”

All you need to do is get in on the action is by sharing photos on your social media accounts with the hashtag: #Mchallenge. It might seem like a bold move but we say be PROUD of your achievements and inspire your friends and family in the process. Whether it’s a fist pump victory, a new fear overcome or an amazing achievement, we want to know! Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Youtube, get sharing for your chance to WIN BIG!


We have an EXTRA BONUS! Share all of your 36 #Mchallenge photos on social media before 20th December, email a link of your social media account to: [email protected] & we’ll enter you into a prize draw to win a cool £250 cash, just in time for Christmas!

FREE #MChallenge Wall Chart

And to make things even easier for you, we’ve created a FREE Wall Chart to help you get your #Mchallenge underway. Simply click on the link below to download it, print it out, stick it on your wall, share your posts on social media and tick of those challenges!


So without further ado… here’s a snapshot of our #MChallenge Week 3 #mantras…

#MChallenge Week 3







#MChallenge Week 3



#MChallenge Week 3

This week we were super impressed by Christina Stewart’s courage to share her favourite hobby, meditation, with her friends and family in the hope that they too will give it a go and feel its amazing benefits! We love people who inspire others and Christina definitely does that!

For her #Mchallenge participation, we have credited Christina’s New You Plan account with £50 to spend on her next order! That will get you plenty of #meals and snacks to keep you motivated for next week’s #MChallenge!

Thank-you not just to Christina but to EVERYONE who took part this week! Keep those photos and hashtags rolling for your chance to WIN next week! Stay inspired, keep motivated and dare to dream!


First New You #Mchallenge winners

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