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“My TFR Weight Loss Vlog: 75lbs Lost In 22 Weeks!”*

TFR weight loss

Now 22 weeks into her TFR weight loss journey, Hele-Kai has lost a huge 75lbs!* This week she had to overcome a big obstacle but due to her change and mindset, this was easy! Find out how she did it. My meals plans Life gives us the solutions we need, doesn’t it? I was struggling with my bar eating habit but this seems to be left in the past now. So what changed? I had a tooth extraction at the start of the week and the following five days it literally hurt me to eat any bars. Problem solved, huh? The tooth problem was something that ruled my whole week and therefore […]

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My TFR Weight Loss Journey: 71lbs Lost in 21 Weeks!”*

WOW! 21 weeks into her TFR weight loss journey, customer Hele-Kai has lost a HUGE 71lbs, plus 50 inches from her body. Watch her video to hear how she is finding her time on plan, as well as her amazing advice. My meal plans this week My bar eating habit seems to be under control now. I stuck to TFR 100% and I didn’t exceed my daily 4 packs any day of the week. At the beginning of the week I had a bit of a sweet tooth but I used my 3 snack allowance and ate the wafers. I had one a day and by the third day I […]

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[Customer vlog] “I’ve Lost 5 Stone In 20 Weeks!”*

Customer vlog

After 20 weeks on plan, customer Hele-Kai reveals that she has lost a HUGE 5 stone! Check out her customer vlog this week where she reveals how she’s feeling. Plus get her top weight loss tips for success! My meals plans… While my meal plans haven’t changed a lot, one of the things that has changed is my bar-eating habit. I have made a deal with my children and they have hidden my bag of bars. We agreed that they can give me a maximum of one bar a day and they follow the rule religiously. I even tried to find their hiding place the other day when they were at […]

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Hele Kai Update: “I’ve lost 66lbs in 19 weeks!”*

Now 19 weeks into her New You Plan journey, Customer Hele-Kai shares how she’s lost an incredible 66lbs. Watch her video and read her words below, with details on how she’s feeling and her top tips to help you succeed! My meals plans I have managed to postpone my breakfast until noon now. After that I have my lunch, which is usually Country Cottage Pie, Noodle Nosh or a Bar around 4pm and my dinner of Pasta Carbonara and gooey Chocolate Brownie is at 7pm. At 9pm I still need to have my jellies – so this is the one thing that I need to plan every day. They need […]

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Hele-Kai Week 18 Update: 62lbs lost*

After 18 weeks on plan, customer Hele-Kai has lost a pretty incredible 62lbs*. This week, we take a look at her progress so far (check out the amazing photos below). Plus, in her weekly vlog, Hele-Kai shares how she’s feeling and her top tips for success. Check out her vlog and read her words below… My meals plans this week I have tried to postpone my breakfast as far as possible because then I don’t get hungry that easily. So how I do it? I wake up and have my coffee (with a drop of skimmed milk) and then I try to get 1 litre of water in before breakfast. For […]

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Hele-Kai Vlog: 4 Stone Lost In 16 Weeks*

4 stone

As phase 2 of her TFR journey begins, customer Hele-Kai reveals she has lost another 5 lbs, taking her weight loss to 4 stone in just 16 weeks*. Click on her video below to find out what she had to say about being back on plan. What an amazing first week back on TFR! Hele-Kai is totally in the zone, with an amazing 4 stone weight loss in only 16 weeks!* A 5lb weight loss this week is the perfect boost she needs to keep going and push through to reaching her end goal. The end is definitely in sight! What we love is that Hele-Kai is beginning to experience that […]

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Hele-Kai’s TFR Journey – Week 15

Hele-Kai's TFR journey

Week 15 of her New You Plan TFR Journey, Hele-Kai reveals how she’s feeling now that she’s back on full TFR after a 3 week break. Click on her video to hear what she had to say. 50lbs lost & maintained in 15 weeks! What so many of our customers love about New You is the simplicity of our plan. By simply enjoying x4 of our packs per day, you will lose weight*. There’s no calorie counting, food weighing or embarrassing weigh-in meetings. Our customers crave structure when it comes to their diet. Because they know exactly what they can and can’t eat, this formula works for them. Hele-Kai is […]

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Hele-Kai’s Week 14 New You Plan vlog

New You Plan vlog

Now on week 14 of her New You Plan vlog, customer Hele-Kai gets ready to go back on full TFR next week, ahead of her re-feed and Family Focus break. Watch her video to find out how much weight she has lost this week, as well as some invaluable advice for anyone on plan! While on Family Focus, Hele-Kai has lost another 2lbs, bringing her total weight loss to 51.5lbs in 14 weeks. Often when you follow an unconventional diet plan, people will tell you that it’s a fad and a short term fix and that you’ll put the weight all back on. But, The New You Plan is different, and Hele-Kai […]

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Hele-Kai’s Weekly Diet Vlog

This week’s diet vlog from Hele-Kai is perfect for anyone who is worried about re-feeding! Find out how she got on, as well as her top tips for handling it! A planned blip for her birthday led to Hele-Kai re-feeding, which can definitely be a daunting experience. Fearing the worst, Hele-Kai was convinced she would un-do her hard work, but with less than half a pound gain, this is definitely something to be proud of. At The New You Plan, we don’t just give you diet meals and leave you to it. We are there with you every step of the way throughout your journey. We aim to teach you […]

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Hele-Kai 12 Week TFR Journey

Now in re-feed of her 12 week TFR journey, customer Hele-Kai shares how she’s feeling. Will she make it into that 50lb weight loss category? Click on her video below to find out! WOW! Well done Hele-Kai. Even during her re-feed week, she has lost another 3lb, brining her total weight loss to 50lb in only 12 weeks! For anyone currently re-feeding, Hele-Kai has the right attitude. Listen to your body and only eat what you feel you should and can. After the discipline and regime of a 12 week TFR journey, it can be feel like you are ‘cheating’ on your diet but with healthy choices you’ll have no […]

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