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Hele’s Week 14 New You Plan vlog

Hele’s Week 14 New You Plan vlog

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New You Plan vlog

Now on week 14 of her New You Plan vlog, customer Hele gets ready to go back on full TFR next week, ahead of her re-feed and Family Focus break. Watch her video to find out how much weight she has lost this week, as well as some invaluable advice for anyone on plan!

While on Family Focus, Hele has lost another 2lbs, bringing her total weight loss to 51.5lbs in 14 weeks.

Often when you follow an unconventional diet plan, people will tell you that it’s a fad and a short term fix and that you’ll put the weight all back on.

But, The New You Plan is different, and Hele is proof of that! Even while she has been maintaining, she has still lost another 1.5lbs, which is pretty impressive.

Her change in mindset has completely realigned her relationship with food. She could have used the past few weeks to go on a massive binge, but she has been in control and can’t wait to start back on TFR.

Plus, as Hele says, what’s different about our plan is the support from Secret Slimmers. Everyone in this group has been exactly where you are and has felt what you are feeling at one time or another. Using these shared experiences, we guide and support each other, every step of the way.

Well done Hele! We can’t wait for next week’s results. We know it’ll be a big one and you’re inching even closer to your goal!


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Getting started is the first step in your journey to a brand New You! To help you understand fully how our plan works, our Get Started page was designed specifically for people new to the plan.

Head over to our site where you’ll find tonnes of important information including how our plan works, the science behind it, loads of top tips, information on our meals, as well as real customer testimonials.

Click here to visit our Get Started page!

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