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Hele Week 18 Update: 62lbs lost*

Hele Week 18 Update: 62lbs lost*

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After 18 weeks on plan, customer Hele has lost a pretty incredible 62lbs*. This week, we take a look at her progress so far (check out the amazing photos below). Plus, in her weekly vlog, Hele shares how she’s feeling and her top tips for success.

Check out her vlog and read her words below…


My meals plans this week

I have tried to postpone my breakfast as far as possible because then I don’t get hungry that easily.

So how I do it? I wake up and have my coffee (with a drop of skimmed milk) and then I try to get 1 litre of water in before breakfast.

For breakfast I love Omelette. I add all sorts of dried greens on it such as chevril, dill and minced garlic and onion powder.

Lunch is usually either Noodle Nosh or Cottage Pie.


I always try not to have my dinner before 7pm, when I will make Pasta Carbonara and oven baked Chocolate Brownie. I always leave the middle part soft, so when eating it, there is a gooey middle.

When I get hungry in the evening I make sure that I always have jelly in the fridge. I use Orange Zest Water Flavouring to make it, which is my favourite.

I’m pretty much stuck with my habits – so I repeat the same routine every day. I do use my treats every week. So sometimes when I get really hungry or feel like having something extra, the Wafers are a great help.

I also love the Crisps – which I always use on a movie night – or when I am watching telly. This used to be the moment when I snacked in the past, so they are a great help.

I’ve downloaded an app on my phone called Water Drink Reminder, where I log all my water intake. This means I don’t have to think about it too much, and I can make sure I am getting  my 4 litres each day.


I’m taking a small break from the Bars right now – although I think I will make an order soon. But the reason behind it is that I started cheating – and even though I have allowed myself to have a piece of a bar rather than blipping, I felt that I started eating them a bit too much. So yes, I’m trying to have a normal routine now – without any temptations 🙂

What I overcame this week…

I had several social occasions this week – I had my college friends staying with me for 4 days. We went out and they had drinks etc – I had soda water with ice.

Although it was difficult, in some ways it was also easy.  I enjoyed cooking for them. I love the smells when I cook and sometimes it is as good as the food itself.

It was a stressful time and I thought I will slip – but I didn’t. The only thing is when I was out and away all the time, I lost count of my water intake.

But I am very proud of myself – because my friends were kind of critical about the packs and the speed of my weight loss – but I stayed strong. After all, I am doing this for myself not for them!


What have I learnt this week?

On this journey I learn something every week and sometimes every day.

This week reminded me why I am doing this, but it also taught me something about myself… That I am actually stronger than I think I am. I DO have it in me to succeed!

How I felt over the week?

I felt really good, because I went clothes shopping and discovered that I have moved to another size now. It really lifted me.

I have had some stomach problems but that is because of all the protein I consume. But it is nothing that I couldn’t overcome.

My breath seems to be getting worse – but Listerin strips are always there to help me.

Thanks for watching and reading!

See you next week,



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