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Top Tips For Staying 100% On TFR When Life Is Busy!

Top Tips For Staying 100% On TFR When Life Is Busy!

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At The New You Plan, we understand only too well that life can be busy and those on-the-go days are becoming all too familiar! BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t easily stick to your TFR plan. So to help you avoid blipping on those busy days, we’ve put together a few scenarios and solutions to ensure you stay on track.


Problem: No time in the morning

The madness of mornings is often chaotic and with school runs, rush hour and the dash to work to contend with, Breakfast often gets skipped. This means the temptation to blip around elevenses is higher!

Solution: Shake it up

The New You Plan Weight Loss Shakes are the perfect solution to hectic mornings! Our deliciously creamy shakes are super easy and quick to prepare and will ensure you get your day off to a great start and are ready in just 3 easy steps:

1) Choose between Beautiful Banana, Very Nice Vanilla, Creamy Chocolate, Sensational Strawberry, Heavenly Hazelnut, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Orange

2) Add 250ml of cold water to your blender bottle

3) Add contents of your packet and simply shake it up for a great tasting shake in seconds


Problem: Not drinking enough water

You’ve left home without your water bottle. You’re busy all day and hours have passed by without so much as a sip.

Solution: Fill up the night before

Drinking your recommended 4 litres of water while on plan is essential to ensure you get maximum results. When it comes to water, preparation is key! In the evenings, get into the routine of filling up your water bottles and place them in the fridge overnight, ready for grabbing in the morning. To give your water a burst of flavour, simple add any of our delicious Water Flavourings, Pineapple Fat Burners or Peach Drainers and sip your way to a slimmer New You!


Problem: Lunchtime wows

It’s lunchtime and you can smell various delights wafting from your colleagues’ desks!

Solution: Stock up!

Ensure your desk drawers are packed full of lunchtime friendly meals! If you love a hot meal at lunchtime, try our easy-to-prepare Soups or Porridges to fill you up until home time!


Problem: You forget to eat all 4 meals

It’s been one of those days and before you know it’s bedtime and you’ve only consumed 3 out of your 4 New You Plan meals. One of the side effects of ketosis means that you don’t experience hunger so this can happen easily.

Solution: Set reminders

Consuming 4 New You Plan Meals each day is essential to ensure your body is receiving its Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals. If life passes you by and you find you are missing meals, set reminders on your phone to eat your next delicious New You Plan meal!


Problem: You’re empty handed

You’ve had to dash out unexpectedly and haven’t had time to eat!

Solution: Plant stashes

Don’t get caught short on those on-the-go-days! This evening, plant stashes of New You Bars and Snacks in the various handbags you use, coat pockets and the glove compartment of your car to ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality.


Problem: Evening meal woes

It’s time to cook an evening meal for your family. You don’t want to prepare a separate dish for yourself.

Solution: Prepare similar dishes for your family

The good news about The New You Plan is that we have a delicious selection of classic hot meals such as Vegetable Chilli, Spicy Noodle Nosh, Chicken Noodle Curry and Pasta Carbonara! So if you decide to have Pasta Carbonara tonight, prepare a pasta dish for your other family members. That way, you can all sit down and enjoy a delicious hot meal together and you won’t feel like your meal is any different.


Problem: Your friends are coffee drinkers

You’ve been invited to your friend’s house for a coffee and you just know it’s going to be a high calorie affair!

Solution: Bring your own snack!

With The New You Plan, you can still get your caffeine fix everyday as long as you cut out milk and sugar. So when you’re with your friends, opt for black tea or coffee. Plus, you can bring along our tasty Wafers or Crisps, which are the perfect guilt-free snack.

Armed with these tips, you’re now ready to take on The New You Plan! 


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