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It’s Time To LOVE Your Body <3

It’s Time To LOVE Your Body <3

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Love your body

It is about time we all started to treat ourselves a little bit better. Our body and health are the most important things we have, and we need to take more time out of our day to look after ourselves, pamper ourselves, and feel good without gorging on calorific foods. Here, we share our top tips to love your body!

How many times have you felt a bit blue, or a bit under the weather, and the first thing you did was go and open the fridge door?

If you are like most of our customers then we would say that happens a lot! After all, that is why so many of us are overweight in the first place, as we are all living busy, stressful, hectic lives, and we want to feel better “instantly!” So reaching for food gives us that INSTANT KICK that we need to get through the day.

The thing about instant pleasure, is that it always leads to long term unrest.

By instantly reaching for some food, we keep self sabotaging our real true desire to have a slim, fit, healthy, attractive body.

After the initial high of eating the food, more often than not we soon wish we hadn’t given in and stayed strong and committed to our goal.

Daily stress and emotions can be difficult to deal with.

Jobs, kids, traffic, bills, people, relationships, housework, car problems…. eeek.  Yes, it is hectic and stressful.

But what do our bodies really need?

So many times we ignore what our bodies REALLY need… rest, relaxation, exercise, fresh air, fun, laughter, pampering, water, positive loving self talk…

So the next time you feel like throwing in the towel because you have had a sh1t day, think about what your body really needs to feel better.

Yes a glass of water isn’t as sexy as a glass of wine.

And a bubble bath is more trouble that an Aero bar.

And a nice walk with the dogs takes longer than a takeaway to be delivered.

But if you treat yourself good, and we mean REALLY GOOD, by giving yourself what your body REALLY NEEDS, and not what will instantly make it feel better then you will feel stronger and more in control over every area of your life in the long run.

Making the right choices to keep yourself on the right path is a very empowering place to be.

Getting healthier and slimmer is great for your self confidence and self esteem.

Having the willpower to stay on track 100% even when everything seems like it is falling apart will give you so much inner strength and pride.

We do not have much control over what happens in life.

What we do have control over is, what we eat, and how we treat our bodies, and how we react to the stuff that happens to us in life.

Decide that you will stay strong to your commitment to get slim and healthy this year. Decide that you will treat your body good and that you will enjoy this spring and summer at a healthy weight.

We are all busy, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day, so if we REALLY want to, we can find time for that walk, exercise class, swimming session, massage, beauty treatment, bubble bath. If we REALLY want to, we WILL find a way.

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