12 ways to increase your activity without breaking a sweat

Let’s get physical (but not sweaty!). Here at The New You Plan, we firmly believe that adding even just a little exercise into your daily routine has soooo many amazing benefits. Here, we share 12 ways to increase your activity without breaking a sweat! We know physical activity is beneficial for our health, so why aren’t we getting more of

Spring Transformation Challenge Week 2 Task Winner

This week’s Summer Transformation Challenge Task winner has been revealed! We kicked off the week with task 2 of our Summer Transformation Challenge & what an amazing one it was! A new task is announced every Monday and the winner is shared on Friday. This means that you have 4 days to share your answer. Not only will you have

See It, Believe It, Achieve It

There is one thing you should absolutely do before starting your New You journey to help you reach your goals. Go deep into your thoughts and shift the mental image you have of yourself. See it, believe it, achieve it is key to your success! The idea may sound a little out there, but it’s backed up by science. If

5 ways to make a goal really stick

Fed up making the same promises to yourself again and again? Bored by repeatedly setting yourself the same weight loss goal but never succeeding at it? End the vicious cycle today thanks to 5 easy ways to make a goal really stick! How many times have you set yourself a weight loss goal? Full of determination and resolve that THIS

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