12 ways to increase your activity without breaking a sweat

12 ways to increase your activity without breaking a sweat

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Let’s get physical (but not sweaty!). Here at The New You Plan, we firmly believe that adding even just a little exercise into your daily routine has soooo many amazing benefits. Here, we share 12 ways to increase your activity without breaking a sweat!

We know physical activity is beneficial for our health, so why aren’t we getting more of it? At New You HQ we are committed to helping our customers create life-long healthy habits and for many of us, that includes moving more. In today’s fast-paced world however, most people don’t have the time to fit as much regular physical activity into their busy schedules as they’d like. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find simple ways to incorporate more movement into your routine. Did you know that non-exercise activity (no sweating required!) can burn up to an additional 350 extra calories per day?

Now that the weather has changed and summer is in full swing… sort of…it’s the opportune time to try some new outdoor activities. By embracing the summer season and getting outside, you may be surprised by how many simple activities can get you moving and your heart pumping. After all, sneaking movement into your day doesn’t need to be boring or even feel like exercise.

While our amazing Total Food Replacement Plan creates the perfect calorie deficit you need to lose weight without exercising, getting up and moving has so many more benefits. Research has shown that moving more improves mood, sleep and flexibility.

At New You HQ we’ve compiled a list of 12 simple and creative ways to sneak more activity into your everyday routine:

1.Park farther away

Every step counts, so why not park a little farther away from your destination? This will allow you to get some quality steps in, and as a bonus, you’ll be able to enjoy a little more time outside. Plus, it can alleviate any stress you may have about finding the closest available parking spot.

2.Take a lap on the way to the loo

Though it might be tempting to use the closest bathroom at the office, or at home, making the time to walk to the other end of the building can accumulate more steps than you’d imagine. Take it a step further, use a bathroom that is up or down a flight of stairs.

3. Replace your water bottle with a smaller cup

Drinking water throughout the day is an essential part of your New You journey, and adding regular movement will further increase your chance of success. Instead of filling up a large water bottle and slowly sipping it throughout the day, try using a regular-sized glass, and fill it up regularly. Even small, frequent trips to the kitchen can boost your overall daily activity.

4. Stand up and stretch every hour

The adverse effects of prolonged sitting include an increased risk of high blood pressure or coronary heart disease and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Try setting an alarm or reminder on your phone every 30-60 minutes to take a minute or two to stand up and stretch your legs before getting back to work.

5. Replace emails with face-to-face conversations

If you’re writing a lengthy email – you may want to hit pause. Could your question be resolved with a discussion? Try taking a break from your screen and walk over to your co-worker to chat. Not only will this get you moving, but it could also increase your productivity, as replacing emails with in-person conversation has been shown to reduce distractions and stress levels.

6. Take a walk on your lunch break

You may feel like a mid-day break will halt your work progress, but taking the time to get some fresh air and go for a walk at lunch can reduce your stress levels. Feeling like you’re in a creative slump? A recent study found walking could enhance your productivity and creativity. Try partnering with a friend for added accountability and to make your time outside a bit more fun.

7. Explore a nearby park

Enjoy a relaxing (and affordable) day in the great outdoors by taking the whole family on a walk to a nearby park. Not only will you be able to revel in nature’s beauty, but you’ll also be incorporating some quality physical activity. Plus, you don’t have to climb a mountain to reap the health benefits. Even just thirty minutes of walking a day can have a significant impact on your overall health.

8. Hit the beach

Warm summer months and aquatic activities go hand in hand. Whether it be a lake, the beach or even a pool, try finding a body of water in your area to enjoy before colder weather encroaches. From kayaking to canoeing and swimming, there are an array of different activities to try out. An added bonus: activities like these tend to be easy on the joints, making them excellent low-impact exercises.

9. Join a group class

Many fitness and yoga studios offer outdoor classes during the summer months, and they can be a great way to break up your usual routine while getting your heart pumping in a group setting. Check out your local leisure centre or do a quick search on the internet to find a class near you.

10. Get down with the kids

Remember when you were younger and you spent hours playing outside without even realising it? Whether it was tag, rounders’ or hopscotch, there was always something to do. Why not go retro this summer and resurrect some old school games?  Whether you’re trying one for the first time, or you were the team captain in high school, summer is the perfect opportunity to have some fun!

11. Volunteer

Interested in sprucing up a nearby park or doing your bit for nature? Volunteering is not only fulfilling, but it’s also a great way to get outside and get moving. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to meet like-minded people while giving back to your community.

12. Plant a garden

Although gardening may not be the first activity that comes to mind when you think of summer outdoor activities, it’s more of an aerobic workout than you might suspect. From bending down to tend to various plants to reaching and twisting to pull weeds, gardening is an excellent form of exercise.

Remember, adding just a few more steps to your day can have a massive impact on your weight loss journey. Small incremental changes all add up to transforming your health not just for summer, but for good. So grab your New You packs and your trainers and see just how far you can go. We are with you every step of the way.

Week 3 Summer Transformation Challenge Task

For week 3 of our fabulous Summer Transformation tasks we would like you to share your favourite ways to move. What is your favourite outdoor activity and why? Or what have you always wanted to try? Let us know by posting a pic of you taking part in the activity or simply sharing pictures of activities that get you moving.

Remember, each time you take part in our Summer Transformation Tasks you will be entered into our weekly prize draw. Good luck!

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