See It, Believe It, Achieve It

See It, Believe It, Achieve It

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There is one thing you should absolutely do before starting your New You journey to help you reach your goals. Go deep into your thoughts and shift the mental image you have of yourself. See it, believe it, achieve it is key to your success!

The idea may sound a little out there, but it’s backed up by science. If you start to see yourself as a success from the beginning, replacing thoughts of a ‘bigger’ you making poor choices with a fitter, healthier, and happier version of yourself – you’ll be more likely to stick with your New You plan. This psychological trick will help you imagine how good it’ll feel when you reach your goals, making any hard work along the way seem worth it.

Since the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what’s imagined, when you visualise something, your subconscious encodes a new picture as if it actually happened. Sports psychologists and peak performers from golfers to gymnasts have all used the power of visualisation to build confidence and increase success, picturing the perfect putt or a wobble-free landing, then actually doing it.

One of the bigger challenges in losing weight is getting your mind aligned with your goals. More often, your mind is aligned with what you DON’T want. I don’t want to gain weight. I don’t want to look fat. I don’t want to feel unhealthy.

Losing weight is hard under those conditions – if not completely impossible. You’re constantly fighting an inner battle every time you need to make a decision about eating or exercise.

You have a strong desire to take the best actions to lose weight and achieve your goals, yet you also don’t want to take those actions because they require a lot more effort than taking the easy way and sticking with your old habits. At New You HQ we have the solution.

One of the most effective techniques for bridging the gap between mind and body is visualisation.

If you can master visualisation, changing your habits will seem almost effortless. You’ll reduce the likelihood of self-sabotage and find it much easier to adopt healthy habits and stay with them for good.

Visualisation can also be incredibly motivating.

One of the major reasons why people give up on their healthy diet and exercise plan is because they just get bored with it. They get tired of eating the same old foods day after day, they get tired of doing the same workouts day after day, and they just lose interest.

Visualisation is a great antidote for low motivation. It’s one of the best ways to renew your motivation each day and keep it going strong all the way to your goal.

What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is the process of seeing images in your mind.

For example, if we asked you to think about a sunrise, you’d probably see a quick mental image of the sun rising up over the horizon. If we asked you to think about an apple, you’d see it in your mind just like you saw the sunrise.

Using Visualisation for your New You journey

The power of visualisation is an under-used free tool for weight-loss success. To use it successfully you simply need to create little ‘mind movies’ about situations that you want to make happen.

It’s important to note that visualisation will be much more effective for you if you take the time to relax first. Feeling stressed or tired will make it harder for you to concentrate, and your visualisation sessions won’t be nearly as effective.

Take 5 to 10 minutes to sit quietly and release tension from your mind and body. Breathe deeply and slowly, imagining that you are releasing tension and stress with every exhalation.

Focus in on each muscle group in your body and let it relax, one at a time. You can even visualise the muscles slowly letting go, becoming nice and limp and relaxed.

You can visualise as you lie in bed in the morning or before falling asleep at night. Simply calm your mind, relax your body, and picture yourself at your goal weight. See yourself making daily choices as the New Healthy You.

Imagine yourself calmly eating your New You packs, drinking your water and watch as your body moves with ease. Notice the feelings and sensations associated with the images because connecting with your feelings as you visualise strengthens the effects. Deep relaxation internalises the new images. In only three to five minutes a day, you will see your way to your New You.

Visualising the End Result

The most common use for visualisation is seeing the ‘end result’ of the goal you are trying to accomplish. For your New You journey, focus on a mental image of yourself weighing what you want to weigh and wearing the size and style of clothing you want to wear. Picture yourself in an outfit, what colour is it, what material, how does it fit?

You might picture yourself in a certain setting that you’ve been looking forward to, such as  your summer holiday, a family wedding, or just lounging on the beach in a bikini or swimming shorts.

You can also make the visualisation more active by focusing in on a physical activity you are doing at the time. For example, you might see yourself jogging, swimming, playing with your children, or walking down the street with your head held high, oozing confidence with every step.

Include as many details in this vision as you can. What are you wearing? How do you feel? What does your hair look like? Who is with you in the vision? What do your surroundings look like? What do they smell like? What are the weather and temperature like?

Focusing in on these little details can help make your visualisation sessions much more realistic and therefore much more powerful.

Stay with the vision for as long as you like. 10 minutes or so is great, but you can do it for longer if you wish.

Try to make the vision so real and strong that you feel as if you are truly there, experiencing it right now.

Taking Action

This is pivotal in making visualisation work for you. What to do with what you visualise is essential to actually changing your habits to help you reach your goals.

Visualisation is pointless if it just stays up there in our minds as a pretty picture.

Now comes the fun part, and it’s the fact that that image you have just visualised, which we’re going to conjure up every day until it becomes a habit, is going to guide our choices.

We want you to ask yourself every time you have to deal with food, exercise or negative self talk, what would the ‘you’ in your visualisation do? Remember, that’s you! A much wiser, sensitive and empathetic version of you, and that ‘you’ wants you to get to where you want to go. If you listen, you’ll have all the answers inside of you when it comes to food choices, exercise, self care and proper rest.

What actions do you need to take to create that vision in real life? Perhaps you would like to  Talk to us at New You HQ. Pop onto our private Customer Support group Secret Slimmers for support and motivation. If you struggle with water intake, grab some water flavourings here which make it so much easier. If you need a little extra something, grab our Snack Bundle to push you through each day. Need a kick start? We have some scorching hot deals here.

Whatever it takes to achieve that vision. Because we can see it and believe it for you and we want to help you bring your vision to life.

Summer Transformation Task 2  

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We can’t wait to see all your amazing places. Remember when you enter our Summer Transformation Tasks you can win one of our fab weekly prizes! This week, an amazing Lush hamper is up for grab.

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