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The Year in M’s – The #mchallenge round up

The Year in M’s – The #mchallenge round up

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a-year-in-msHere at the New You Plan we are firm believers that giving yourself small challenges each week is a brilliant way to stay focused on the task in hand. This is why we introduced the #mchallenge into our Secret Slimmers community. Focusing on all different themes to keep you #motivated and determined to reach your target weight.

From launching the #mchallenge we have had some really inspiring themes for all our Secret Slimmers to get involved in. With the year coming to a close we thought now is a good time to look back over some of our favourite themes and how they really impact on our daily lives.

#motivation – The most obvious of all the M’s but still one of the most important. Everyone achieves6d3da223d31673fcd2a4fb738cd5883d motivation in different ways, some people like the help from others by having a support pillar when they are going through a tough patch and others like motivational quotes to inspire them on their journey. Each type of motivation is as important as the next, it is how to respond to it which is key to success. Without some form of motivation we ask ourselves the question, ‘Why am I doing this in the first place?’. The starting point of everyones journey acts as the foundation of why they are on plan to begin with.

25474-memories-last-forever#memories – Memories and experiences are what make us who we are today. They become the stepping stones guiding us on our way to become the person we were meant to be. When undergoing a weight-loss journey the memories you make are so important to reaching your goal. Everyone is going to remember the day they decided to join the New You Plan and how that first step has turned their life around.

#makeover – A makeover is merely how you view it, wether its a physical change to yourself, your lifestyle or even your home, a makeover can transform your mood in a matter of minutes. Change can sometimes be scary thing but improving yourself or your surrounding environment can release positive endorphins which will help your motivation. It is amazing how a simple tidy up of a messy room or wardrobe could improve your day. Setting yourself little tasks like this is a perfect way to keep your mind busy in between meals. Write out a list and stick it to the fridge, tick off the completed tasks and you can feel good about what you have achieved by looking at the list at the end of the day.sweat

#movement – When undergoing a weight loss journey #movement is such an important factor. Staying active and eating right go hand in hand when looking to lose the pounds. Finding the right exercise for you is key to keeping it up. If you find an activity you enjoy then you are more likely to make it part of your weekly routine. Wether its taking on the ever famous yoga, joining a gym and creating your own doable routine or simply taking the stairs instead of the lift in work, any form of exercise is better than doing nothing. Getting up and getting active will make you have more energy and you will start to notice your body adapting and changing for the better.

#marriage/mates – As mentioned in #motivation a support pillar is sometimes needed to help customers through the bad times. The love and support provided by family and friends is so important in all situations in life and especially during a trying time like a weight loss journey. It is inevitable that you will experience highs and lows but having your friends and family close will benefit you greatly as they can celebrate the good and console during the bad. Providing you an all round helping hand when you need it. They don’t only provide support, the provide good times and #memories. These are the people who know you inside out, they know what you like, what you don’t like and what makes you you. Appreciate these people and enjoy the good times, remember these memories as they make us who we are.

These 5 m’s are all as important as the next. The list goes on and on including #milestones, #mastery, #mindset etc. but we feel if you take on at least 3 from this post then you are already on the right path to successfully completed your journey. The #mchallenge was created to form a simple method of motivation to create a healthy mindset. Find what works for you and stick to it. A simple change in lifestyle can create a world of success.

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