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How To Step Yo-Yo Dieting Once And For All

How To Step Yo-Yo Dieting Once And For All

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yo-yo dieting The who, what, where, when, how & whys you need to ask yourself in order to stop yo-yo dieting.

“I spent hours yesterday putting away my size 20 clothes and taking out my 14/16’s and I know I will get to wear 12’s thanks to New You! I decided to write myself a letter to pack away with my size 18’s and 20’s. It’s gone in the under bed storage for 6 months so that when I don’t go up a single pound in that time, I can then bring all those clothes to the pink recycling bank (minus my letter!!) Really enjoyed my “Dear me, don’t get fat again because….” letter!” – Rachel from Secret Slimmers Group

Hands up who has lost weight and put it back on again?

Most people – yup!

Hands up who wants to lose weight for the last time and NOT put it back on again?

Most people – yup!

Most people who have a weight problem, know the feeling of wanting to stop yo yo dieting. Let’s face it, most people who lose weight, gain some weight back again. It doesn’t matter how you lose weight, we all know plenty of people who have went to their local slimming class and counted points to lose a few stone, only to stop counting points when they reached their goal and gradually put the weight back on. We all know a gym bunny who went hell for leather at the gym and ate super healthy to achieve their goal, only to slack off and fall back into old habits and put the weight back on again. We all know people who have done meal replacements, just to get to their goal super fast, but then they fall back into old habits again and don’t follow a reefed program, and put the weight back on again.

So what is the common denominator here?

It doesn’t matter HOW you get to your goal weight.

What matters most is WHAT you do AFTER you get to your goal weight.

Creating your New You is a JOURNEY not a destination. If you want to stop yo-yo dieting then you need to ask yourself some questions about what you can do differently this time.

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity was….

yo-yo dieting

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

You can understand why so many people feel like freaking out with their weight loss problem. It seems impossible for them to lose weight and keep it off. The bottom line is that they keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

STOP! Take some time to answer these questions about your weight loss journey in the past and get more confident about your ability to stop yo yo dieting.

Yo-yo dieting


  • WHO triggers you to overeat or eat junk?
  • WHAT foods and drinks do you need to elimate or greatly reduce?
  • WHERE do you go that you need to be careful if you want to stay slim?
  • WHEN are your danger times?
  • WHERE do you go that you need to be careful if you want to stay slim?
  • WHY did you put weight on in the past?
  • HOW do I keep falling into the same old behaviours that cause me to put the weight back on?

When you look back at the past times you have put weight on and answer these questions you will be able to create a blueprint for a NEW YOU.

yo-yo dieting

Create a blueprint for a New You

✓ Accept that you need to change. Make a commitment to yourself that this time you will do things DIFFERENTLY.

✓ A NEW YOU means a NEW lifestyle, NEW mindset, NEW diet, NEW outlook on life, NEW behaviours, NEW social life and maybe even NEW people.

✓ It can feel overwhelming to think of everything that you need to change. You need to feel excited and empowered about these changes. Pick ONE thing you can work on this week. Form that habit and build it into your routine. Doing one thing at a time means you will be able to build momentum and see real long lasting changes.

✓ Get really clear on what has been holding you back, and get really clear on why you want to be slim and healthy and what this will mean for your life. It is important to get so emotionally attached to the NEW YOU, that you are happy to let go of the things that have been holding you back.

✓ Don’t expect to get to your goal and suddenly start to do all these NEW things.

✓ We encourage all our customers to use the time on Total Food Replacement to build the NEW habits and mindset into your life.

✓ The best place to start is with your mindset and beliefs. Start to think of yourself as a slim person. Start to talk, act, think as a slim person.

✓ Review the past, learn from it, and be prepared for the challenges ahead so that you don’t fall into the same old behaviours of the past.

✓ 2017 is coming to a close but there is plenty of time for you to create an amazing weight loss, and step into 2018 a more healthier, sexier, happier person.

✓ Join our amazing community, we will be with you every step of the way.


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