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Still Worried You Won’t Lose Weight? 5 Tips on Doubling Down Your Efforts!

Still Worried You Won’t Lose Weight? 5 Tips on Doubling Down Your Efforts!

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The New You Plan is a program which we recommend you commit to 100% for 12 weeks. This ensures your fast track to weight loss success. However, if you’re worried that you might not get the results you expect, or you know that you can’t stick to the plan full time for 3 months then there are other things you can also do to speed up your weight loss progress.

We have put together 5 tips that you can adopt to double down on your weight loss efforts and become the new slimmer you in no time!


  • Move more!

Get off your bum and go for a walk once a day. You don’t have to do intense exercise to make a difference. As long as you do an activity that gets your heart rate up a little then you are onto a winner. 

  • Do some heavy lifting.

We’re not talking heavyweight championship-style lifting here, but doing something a little extra to work and build those muscles. It’s more about resistance than anything. Practising sit-ups, press-ups or planks are great for muscle tone and you don’t have to do many, as long as you’re consistent.

  • Get more sleep.

Oh, we all feel we need this at times! You may not feel you have time to go to bed a little earlier, however, it really is worth making the effort with this one. Good quality sleep is important for your physical and mental wellbeing as well as weight loss. Several studies have found that adults who have poor sleep are more likely to have issues with obesity and the ability to lose weight. We’ll let you sleep on this one!

  • Drink plenty of water.

We tell you all the time that you need to make sure you drink at least 4 litres of water a day to help with your weight loss. Are you drinking enough? Make sure you measure what you drink as you could surprise yourself that you’re short on your quota.

  • Think when you eat.

Even on The New You plan, it’s important to consume what you have in a mindful way. If you’ve not heard of mindful eating before, it’s when you eat slowly, without being distracted, while savouring each mouthful. This technique will be particularly useful when you reach the stage of re-feeding, as you will be able to listen to your body’s natural signals so you know when you are full. This is great in preventing overeating.

Here at the New You Plan headquarters, were confident that you will be happy with your weight loss results using our plan. But it’s you that has to feel confident and we hope we’ve made you feel like that with our extra tips above.

Don’t forget we have all the tools and support that you need to succeed, you just have to choose the right one for you. To search them out you can head on over to our website or introduce yourself to our community of slimmer’s over on our Secret Slimmer’s Facebook page.


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