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Marta Came Runner Up in our Spring Transformation Challenge and lost almost 2 stone!

Marta Came Runner Up in our Spring Transformation Challenge and lost almost 2 stone!

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Marta struggled to lose weight and was at a point where she felt hopeless with it all; that was until she discovered the New You Plan.

Having already had some success, she decided to take on the Spring Transformation Challenge 2021 to show others how the plan can really work. 

We interviewed Marta to find out more about her journey and to see if she had any advice or tips to share with us.

How Did you feel before you found The New You Plan?

I was very emotional, cannot manage my weight. I was hopeless.

What was your mentality, what did you struggle with?

I tried to eat heathy, but I kept gaining weight, which upset me.

Why did you decide to start the plan, and why New You Specifically?

I’ve seen advert on FB, and started to read reviews and I thought I will give it a try!

What attracted you to New You, did someone recommend you, was there anything that made us different from other companies?

The amazing Prices definitely, and all of the amazing support offered!

How did you feel when you received your first New You Pack?

I was so happy and excited, I could not wait to get started!

What are your favourite New You Products?

My favourite has to be the Salted Carmel cake, It is delicious!

Why did you decide to take part in the Spring Transformation Challenge?

I entered in the hope that I would inspire people who are like me, that have lost hope, that they will lose weight too!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since taking part in the Challenge?

Drinking water is very important and to never give up.

How much weight have you lost altogether?

In 3 Months I lost 10kg


Was there a time that you found the plan difficult and how did you overcome these challenges?

The Beginning was hard as I had to kick off my bad habits, but I keep saying to myself I can do it. And I did.

Do you feel the support offered by New You such as secret slimmer’s has helped you on your journey? If so how?

Yes, FB group is amazing 

What was your biggest motivator for staying on track?

Losing inches every week

What is your biggest non-scale victory?

I feel much happier and I have energy to do the things I want.

Since losing your weight what is your happiest memory or proudest moment?

When I manage to drink 4l water per day, this makes me very proud.

Would you say the plan has changed your life, and if so how?

Oh yes definitely, I know how control myself, I know I can do it.

Would you have any tips you would give to someone who is thinking of starting the plan but is not sure?

Don’t wait just place your first order and you will love the plan and your results!



It’s great that Marta has proved to herself that she does have control and she can lose weight with the right tools and support.

When other diets failed, the New You Plan offered Marta a solution and it could do that for you too. Like Marta says:

‘Don’t wait just place your first order and you will love the plan and your results!’

Why not also take part in New Monthly Transformation Challenge? There are some great prizes to be won! 


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