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23 Mindset Tips From Our Total Food Replacement Customers!

23 Mindset Tips From Our Total Food Replacement Customers!

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Mindset tips
Your positive mindset totally has the power to make your diet a success. Here, our customers share their mindset tips to help you smash your total food replacement goals!

Being on Total Food Replacement (TFR) means that you are replacing all conventional food with 4 new you plan meal packs. Each pack gives you 25% of your recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals. The meal packs are nutritionally complete and created to specifically kick start a natural fat burning process in your body called ketosis. Ketosis is when your body switches its primary fuel source from food to your body fat. Burning fat is what your body will do 24/7, and as it is tapped into a big supply of fat, this means you will have increased energy and won’t feel hungry.

Being on total food replacement and in ketosis is an amazing experience when you get into the zone and find your flow with it.

A lot of your success on total food replacement comes from letting go of your attachment to food and focusing on the health and body that you really want.

Total Food Replacement is a mind set diet.

In order to succeed on your total food replacement journey, a positive mindset will help carry you to your end goal.

So how exactly do you ensure your mindset is totally positive and in the zone? Who better to tell you than our customers themselves?!

Here’s what they had to say…

Mindset tips

23 amazing mindset tips for you to succeed at total food replacement

✔ “Make a list of reasons you want to be slim and reasons you hate being overweight. Read and add to it at the beginning of each new week xx” (Lisa)

✔ “Keep ur next goal outfit in sight at home, it always motivates me to keep going!” (Emer)

✔ “Have mini goals to work toward & break down the journey. It helps me a lot. Then treat urself when u smash that goal! Size smaller pants or get your nails/hair done  xx” (Carolyn)

“I have my skinny photo on the fridge… With the caption… ‘Fridge pickers wear bigger knickers!'” (Samantha)

“Make YOU the boss of what goes into your mouth, take control and don’t let anything get in the way of your goal.” (Karen)

“Break your journey into mini goals and reward yourself along the way with non food items..(except new you snacks Delish)” (Karen)

“Come onto the secret slimmers group if your having it tough” (Karen)

“Most of all if you do slip, don’t let it turn into a complete fail, pick yourself up dust yourself off, drink lots of water and carry on.  If you never give up you will still reach your goal xx” (Karen)

✔ “Take day by day, set mini goals and treat yourself when you’ve reached them. There are going to be highs and lows but when you step on the scales and see those lbs disappear its all worth it xx” (Leanne)

“Mine is about how I “feel” I hate being fat, I hate getting hot and sweaty just climbing the stairs, I hate not fitting in my clothes, I hate almost getting there and going back to old habits. I feel sexy, confident, great, happy, I could go on but when I’m having a bad moment I think how would I feel if I let myself down, after all I’m the one in control.”  (Michelle)

✔ “My fridge door is full of weight tracker, bmi calculator, motivational quotes and a picture of me at my biggest, visual aids are my saviour i have beads and pebbles on the window sill .xx 1 bead = 1 lb gone, 1 pebble = 1 stone gone. they are in small glasses .xx” (Melody)


✔ “Don’t set too high of a goal , take it one day at a time ! The weight did not come over night !! So it’s going to take time ! Sip sip all day & take it one meal at a time your worth it love your self first cos if you don’t love yourself you’ll fail ! Loving your self is the first step to getting down to WHY you got to this size in the first place” (Melanie)

Plus this MEGA advice from Catherine…

1. You can always drink more water! 

2. Don’t leave it too long between packs and beverages. 

3. Always keep spare bars in bag, car, office etc. 

4. If you loose a lot one week, you might not the next, don’t fret, if you are 100% then it will come off. 

5. Read all of the info in the boxes you receive, read all of the info on the web-site and read all of the FAQ’s on the SS page…great info and helps keep you on plan. 

6. Log on to SS if you feel… down, falling off the wagon, or even in good spirits (can also be dangerous). 

7. Keep reminding yourself why you are on the plan, what you were feeling when you first ordered. 

8. This plan works, if you work it. 

9. Yes, you have to rearrange social events etc but at the end of the day others don’t really care so long as you don’t take their drink/food away! 

10. MOST IMPORTANT…Feck the begrudgers!” (Catherine)

What are your TOP FIVE things you do to keep your mindset focused on TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT? Tell us below!


Start Your TFR Journey Today!

TFR tips

Getting started is the first step in your journey to a brand new you! So that you can fully understand how our plan works, our Get Started page was designed specifically for people new to the plan.

Head over to our site where you’ll find tonnes of important information including how our plan works. Plus learn the science behind it, get loads of top tips, information on our meals, and read real customer testimonials.

You can visit our Get Started page by clicking here.

TFR tips

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17 thoughts on “23 Mindset Tips From Our Total Food Replacement Customers!

    • Author gravatar

      Started today @ 240 lbs. .. Watch this space… .!?

    • Author gravatar

      5 tips to keep your focus :
      1. use visual aids – tracker on fridge , beads/pebbles /motivational quotes etc…
      2. take 1 day at a time .
      3. break your goal into small goals -don’t focus on the bigger goal .use non food treats as your rewards .
      4 . drink ! sip , sip, sip throughout the day – plan on stopping your water intake an hour or even 2 before bedtime .
      5. use the ss page -the support is amazing and very motivational , we’re like family .

    • Author gravatar

      1.Keep busy.
      2.Take short walks every couple of hours (or one long one if you are able).
      3.Every time you lose a few pounds try on an item of clothing that was too small
      and ‘feel’ the difference.
      4.Never leave the house without a back-up bar/snack. Even if you have used your
      4 meals it is better to blip on an extra bar than to eat other food.
      5.If you feel like a blip just remember the feeling of your first weigh in and
      your last weigh in and consider how far you have come.

    • Author gravatar

      I once again fell off track but I am positive that I’m
      Gonna knock it this time!! So my main 5 tips would
      1. Drink plenty water sipping through out the day!
      2. Have some me time where u just listen to your body and chill.
      3. Make sure to have all shakes!!!!!! Even if dont feel hungry
      4. Get enough sleep for first few days as can feel tired lil bit drained but will pass after day or two
      5. Weigh yourself I personally think only once a week that way u see end result and think its all totally worth it!

      Best of luck to everyone with this new week a new us!!

    • Author gravatar

      My 5 mind set tips to keep focused:

      1) log on each day to the SS page and read all of the inspirational stories
      2) Ensure I have my packs at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm so I don’t go too long without anything and temptation doesn’t creep in
      3) sip sip sip! start drinking water early and then sipping doesn’t seem a chore!
      4) have a before pic and a weight loss chart handy to remind myself how well I’ve done and what I don’t want to be
      5) Reward myself with a little non food treat each week, whether a new top or some nice bath stuff

    • Author gravatar

      My top 5 tips to keep in mindset are
      1. Write everything down ! Use a journal or make your own !
      2. Get my 4 packs out and display them on the side in the kitchen , acts as a constant reminder
      3.keep my next mini goal item of clothing on a hanger so I can see it when I wake up!
      4.make sure I have my water chilling nicely in the fridge, and make up a jug of flavoured water with lots of ice so I can keep sipping
      5. Keep taking photos so I can see the changes …… There have been a lot since last October!

    • Author gravatar

      my tips that help me are…
      1)I try to remember why im doing it eg live longer for my kids n grandkids
      2)I NEVER make loosing weight my everything, so if I fail I don’t feel guilt and get deeper into blipping, just dust yourself off and be kind to yourself, were only human, tomoz is another day 🙂
      3)I keep looking back at pics of myself I don’t like to keep me focused on what im aiming for
      4) get involved with ss secret club for advice support to keep me going
      5) Drink lots of water and keep busy and if all else fails…tape up my mouth, poke myself in the eyes and put a peg on my nose, eat no evil, smell no evil, see no evil lol

    • Author gravatar

      My five for this week

      1 – Keep 500ml bottle of water with me at all times. (Easier to keep track of intake)
      2 – Clear wardrobes of all clothes that are too big and bag ready for charity shop.
      3 – Revisit my reasons for wanting to be slim.
      4 – Take new full length photo to compare with my before pic.
      5 – Log into ss to benefit from the wonderful support network there.

      Have a fab week everybody! 🙂 xx

    • Author gravatar

      1. I have a ltr bottle of water at my side and one in the fridge at all times! This helps me to drink 5 Ltr a day!
      2. When I’ve made my family dinner, I get busy… Dishes, hoovering, watching the soaps… If I can’t see it, I can’t eat it!
      3. Visual aids… Skinny picture, skinny outfit, weight chart on fridge/ phone
      4. Non food treats.. Hair cut, nail polish, new shoes! Active rewards I can see!!
      5. The SS group is my biggest saviour… So much inspiration from others!!

      • Author gravatar

        1: choose little victories and relish in the. Sometimes focusing on the big goals becomes overwhelming.
        2: look in the mirror once a day and reminded yourself your beautiful.
        3: have a pamper night once a week, this will make you feel good about yourself and stop you wanting to comfort eat.
        4: sparkling water is you’re friend! Helps you feel full.
        5: go for a walk somewhere beautiful

    • Author gravatar

      Great blog post. My top five tips… Number 1: Take it shake by shake. Number 2: Use the water flavourings. Number 3: Have a litre water bottle with you and don’t allow yourself to have a product unless you have drunk the bottle. Number 4: Pamper yourself especially at the start when you feel cranky. Number 5: Put on the music and boogie

    • Author gravatar

      5 Tips ,
      1 Organisation I need to have a full stock of products all in different sections, breakfast which is my porridge , shakes for my lunch and my noodles and pasta for Dinner.

      2 Water intake always have a water bottle in the fridge, in the bedroom and at my desk at work. have the 2 litre bottles as I find I drink the smaller ones slowly.

      3 Facebook App on my mobile to log on to secret slimmers during the day to find out the news and help with support.

      4 Rest and Relaxation soothing bath with some candles.

      5 Music /Youtube During the day or the evening listening to Music can help lift the mood and forget the cravings.


    • Author gravatar

      The 5things that keeps me force is I don’t get up to early as I work late at night so my day starts at 11 so I don’t eat till 2 second I work in a chipper so I look at the lard and think how discussing it is 3i make kebabs and burgers all day so when I see how much fat is in them that keeps me going four if I feel I am going to fall of the wagon I drink lots. Of water and five I have two great boys that keep reminding me why I what to loss weigh so it’s all the support too xxx

    • Author gravatar

      Reward all goals met!

    • Author gravatar

      I’ve just re-started on the NY plan and had a great weight loss first week again.
      To stay on track I think of the following:

      1. Drink water and other allowed fluids throughout the day to keep any hunger pangs at bay.
      2. There’s such a variety of things to eat/drink on this plan compared to some other similar plans. Try sonethjng new.
      3. Try a different way to have the products to stop boredom setting in – there are different recipes posted by SS users
      4. I watch my little girl playing, looking forward to the day I can bounce on a trampoline as long as her!!
      5. When I feel like blipping try a NY snack first then remind myself that I am doing this to be healthy and fit for my little girl.

      Keep up the good work 😉

    • Author gravatar

      5 tips to stay focused .
      1. Use your journal
      2. Sip sip sip water
      3. Come onto SS at least once a day and have a look at before & after photos
      4 . Hang up an item of clothing that you want to get into to .
      5. Use your broth if feeling hungry & make ice pops with water flavours
      The above has really helped me xxx

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