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{ BENEFITS } Why choose a total food replacement plan?

{ BENEFITS } Why choose a total food replacement plan?

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The weight loss battle is something nearly everyone has to experience in their lifetime. Looking to lose those excess pounds can be a very difficult task if you don’t have the right mindset and find it hard to stick to a complicated plan. Simple healthy eating and exercise doesn’t work for everyone so finding the right method that will work for you can be a daunting task in itself.

When it comes to losing weight the media is full of different options claiming to be the next big thing in weight loss. This makes it difficult to know what is actually going to work and what is just another urban myth. The key to weight loss is you don’t want to fall down the trap of quick fixes as they only result in disappointment and are actually quite an unhealthy approach to take. If you want to kick start your weight loss from day 1 in a healthy manner a total food replacement method is the best option for you. This re-trains the mind and allows customers to get the recommended calories and nutrients in an easy way.

Here at the New You plan we focus on creating total food replacement plans for our customers that will help them lose those excess pounds they want to shift. We don’t let our customers go it alone, we guide them through every step of the way with our Secret Slimmers community and helpful customer service advisers.


So what are the benefits from choosing a total food replacement plan over a different type of diet plan?

Low Calorie Intake: One of the most obvious factors is that you can completely control the calories you take but in a safe constructed way. The minimum amount of calories a person can take in a day is 600 so our plans are created to make sure you do not go below that amount but are still keeping the calories down. When you reduce your calorie intake your body will look towards the fat stores to provide us with the energy we need, as a result of this the pounds will start to drop off.

Kick Start Weight Loss: A total food replacement plan (TFR for short) is a perfect way to kick start someones weight loss journey. Since it is a controlled plan customers chose how long they want to carry it out for. The longer the time on the plan the more weight they aim to lose. The main idea of a TFR diet is that it is short term but it has retrained the mind to realise it doesn’t need as much as it use to feel full and satisfied when the go back to re-introducing food into their diet.

Convenient Controlled Plan: Depending on a customers lifestyle, losing weight on a complicated plan can be an added stress they just don’t need. That is the beauty of a TFR plan as all the hard work is done for you. The meals take practically minutes to prepare, all the nutritional benefits has already been worked out for you and you don’t need to focus on calorie counting as the plan has already worked that all out.

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Catered for the Customer: A TFR diet can be altered to fit the customers needs. If they only want to lose a few pounds for a special event coming up then they could go on plan for 2 weeks and look and feel great. If they want a more extreme result then a longer plan could be carried out for a bigger weight loss. This could be broken up with a short rest from the plan (as advise by doctors for health reasons on a plan longer than 12 weeks) and then continued until their goal weight is reached.

New Approach to Food: From being on a TFR plan the brain retrains itself to how it thinks about food and its purpose. It does not mean you aren’t going to still want the same foods you liked before, but it merely means your mind will retrain itself to think about portions and hunger itself. One of the main thing we hear from our customers is the difference between hunger and dehydration. The hunger pang feeling could simply just be your body telling you it needs more fluids.

Still Enjoying Your Favourites: Unlike other diet plans out their, the TFR plan allows customers to still be able to eat some of their favourite meals. With options like porridge, brownies and vegetable chilli on the plans menu, customers feel it is easier to adapt since they still get the flavours of their favourite meals but at a fraction of the calories.


Are you looking to start a total food replacement plan to help shift those unwanted pounds? Visit our website at to find out a bit more about us and find the right plan for you to achieve your goal.

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