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January Blues? New You Have Got You!

January Blues? New You Have Got You!

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The beginning of January can be an emotional time. Everyone you come into contact with or every other social media post or email you read shouts at you ‘happy new year’ – but you’re not feeling it. You know it’s the new year but you can’t seem to find the ‘happy’ part. And that’s ok.

The whole world is still feeling uncertain with Covid which can bring about its own set of worry inducing issues. On top of that, you have overwhelming pressure to make new year’s resolutions and change everything in your life instantly and successfully. Then you also have all the real-life stuff to get back to. The Christmas merriment is over and normal service is resumed. It’s no wonder that instead of feeling happy, your mood is a little flat and you sense the January blues are on their way.

You know what? It’s ok. It’s ok to feel down and blue in January, you’re only human and to express your emotion and feel stuff is healthy! The key is to not let it consume you and have some tools in your kit to be able to manage both your emotions and the goals that you may have.

So to help you out, in a bid to prevent you from sinking so low you want to hide in your bed all day until it all goes away, we’ve put together some tips that you could try.

Flip your perspective

Does this sound familiar?

  • ‘I have to stop eating junk.’
  • ‘I need to exercise more.’
  • ‘I must quit drinking.’

When you use the words need, must, and have to, you are making your intentions a chore. Add to that the words stop and quit, and you are piling on the pressure by making it feel like it needs to be instant, or all or nothing. 

Changing how you say things can have a positive effect on how you move forward with any goals you have.


  • ‘I’m going to eat less junk food and more healthy food this week.’
  • ‘I know walking will be great for my mental health so I will give it a try this month.’
  • ‘Instead of drinking alcohol, I’m going to find other ways to spend my weekends – try something new and fun.’

When you look at the positive benefits of what you want to do, add a time frame or challenge yourself, the changes you want to make don’t seem like something that is hard or unachievable. Give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Be kind to yourself

Without a doubt, you should be your best cheerleader. Examine the past day, week, month, year, decade even, and pick out all the positive things you have achieved. They don’t have to be big things. All the little things count and you should celebrate each and every one of them. If you think you haven’t achieved anything then it’s likely you are being hard on yourself. Here are some examples to help you out:

  • Lost ‘x’lbs.
  • Learnt something new.
  • Saved to buy something.
  • Got a new job.
  • Got a promotion.
  • Started a new habit.
  • Ditched an old habit.
  • Finally, put the laundry away.
  • Went for a walk.
  • Taught my child a new skill.
  • Helped someone.
  • Had a baby.

The list could go on. The point is that it’s easy to highlight your own faults and failings but whilst doing that you are overlooking all the good and positive things you’re achieving. If it helps, write them down, keep them on your phone. At the end of each day reflect on your mini successes, even if it’s that you finally made a start on the housework – go you!

Reconnect with yourself

Putting yourself first can be hard, especially if you have a family. But if you’re not at the top of your list, then how can you be your best self to be able to do what you need to care for others?

It’s important that you take some time out to really assess your life and what you want. Are you the person you want to be and are you living the life you imagined? What are your hopes, goals and dreams? Be super-specific and think about what your life will look like if you achieve what you want and what will happen if you don’t set out to try. Dig deep and find your why’s. Attaching some positive and negative consequences can be a great motivator.

But don’t just say what you desire because nothing will change. Make sure that you put some realistic and achievable plans into place, some time frames and allow yourself time to reflect on your progress. Remember, it’s ok to take some time out for yourself and you will feel much better for it.

A problem shared is a problem halved

It’s true! You don’t have to carry your worries and fears all on your own. There is no shame in venting your frustrations or asking for help and advice. In doing so, you will really lighten your emotional load and make room for some positive thinking.

You may feel that you don’t want to burden your family (although we’re sure it wouldn’t be a burden) with your troubles, and we understand that. That’s why the Secret Slimmers Facebook community was set up. So like-minded, health goal-oriented people like yourself can find comfort, advice and inspiration when you find things tough. It’s also great for celebrating your wins too.

So don’t feel like you’re suffering the January blues on your own, go and tell the Secret Slimmers all about it.

Take comfort in knowing that everything passes

Emotions can be fleeting. They come and go in waves. Just make sure that when the negative waves come – you ride it and don’t let it knock you off your feet.

When you feel a bit blue, overwhelmed or that you will fail, just know that it will pass. And the quicker that you can control what you are thinking and doing, the faster it will pass. This is the key to your success.

So if you have plans to lose weight and improve your health in 2022, don’t let it overwhelm you. More importantly, don’t feel that you have to start right now and be successful by the end of the month. That’s too much pressure and completely unrealistic!

If you need to, take some time to decide what you want and make a plan that suits you. It doesn’t matter if you start tomorrow or next week and if it takes you a month, six months or a year to reach your goal. What matters is that it works for you and it feels achievable to you. Your transformation is a journey, not a race. You will get there in your own time and on your own terms.

If you need more help and advice on getting through January, without throwing in the towel, head on over to our Secret Slimmers community or contact our friendly customer service team.

You do new year your way and you will find the new you!

The January blues, is a recognised medical condition, just like SAD. If you feel more than just a bit down about the season then please go and see your GP. There is help out there for you and it’s ok to go and ask for it. You’re not alone.

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