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How To Finally Tick Losing Weight Off Your To Do List In 2019

How To Finally Tick Losing Weight Off Your To Do List In 2019

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Have you been procrastinating about your weight loss all year, but haven’t made any progress? If so, this blog post is perfect for you!

Picture the scene. It’s January 2019 and after developing a slight addiction to the Quality Street tin over the festive period, your thoughts turn to health and your New Year’s Resolution of losing some weight this year. Never one to rush into things you decide to wait until Monday to start – After all, everyone knows it IS the best day to start a weight loss plan, right? Fast forward 38 Mondays later, it’s September and you are still ‘waiting until Monday’, to start.

Just us? We didn’t think so.

Procrastination is when you have time to do something, but you deliberately wait until the last minute to do it. We get it. We really do. In fact, there are benefits of leaving things to the last minute.

Putting Things Off Decreases Stress Levels (At First)…

In 1997, researchers conducted two studies on college students to determine if procrastination had any effect on grades, health, or wellbeing. Procrastinators may enjoy a healthy, stress-free life when deadlines are far off, but they suffer more than other people when deadlines are imminent. So that mild anxiety you are feeling now as we approach the end of 2019 and you still haven’t quite accomplished your goals? Yep. That’s going to ramp up.

Procrastination Boosts Creativity

Studies have shown that employees who procrastinated were often the most creative. Allowing time for your ideas to develop rather than simply ‘getting things done’ resulted in a much high level of creativity. So that explains the amazing meal combinations our Secret Slimmers come up with each week! Secret Slimmers is a private online community for New You Customers full to bursting of support and motivation. You can join in the fun here.

Waiting Until The Last Minute Makes Us Complete Tasks Faster

Parkinson’s Law (though not a scientific law) says that work expands based on the length of time allotted to it. Numerous studies have been conducted on Parkinson’s Law and, according to Berkeley researchers’ review of the literature, it seems to hold true: If you give someone 30 minutes to complete a task, they’ll probably finish it in 30 minutes. Give them 15 minutes, though, and they’ll finish it in 15. The researchers noted, however, that time pressure usually sacrifices quality for speed.

However, with weight loss, even with a consistent calorie deficit such as The New You Plan, it is still going to take time. On average our customers lose a stone a month while following our Total Food Replacement Plan. With less than 3 months left of 2019, you could lose close to 3 stones or 3 dress sizes. Imagine finishing 2019 having accomplished that goal. Trust us, there’s still time.

So, could it be you amazing last-minute wonders have a method to your madness? Have you simply learned to delay a task in order to create a sense of urgency that will, in the end, save you time? Perhaps. However, before you kick back and relax thinking you loads of time still to start your weight loss plan for 2019 consider this.

Procrastinators May Have An Illogical Perception Of Time

If something feels too distant to worry about it lends itself to procrastination easily. For example, if you vowed to lose weight in 2019, at the start of 2019, you most likely thought you had a lot of time to accomplish that. Particularly if you are following a meal replacement programme such as The New You Plan.

So, the true last minute, fly by the seat of your pants slimmer is going to think ‘well I don’t need to start right this very minute.’ ‘I have loads of time.’ Let’s look at the science for just a minute. At the New You Plan we know that the average weight loss each month is around a stone. Some customers lose slightly less, many customers lose a lot more. No matter what you do, you can’t argue with this science. And that’s what you need to consider before you delay your weight loss plan any longer.

How many years have you ‘carried over’ your weight loss goal to a new year? While you might make that flight with minutes to spare, or finish that work report just in time, your health is one ‘to-do’ that maybe you shouldn’t put off until the last minute.

Well procrastinators and lastminute.coms rejoice, today (actually today) is your lucky day. We have the perfect solution to help you achieve your 2019 weight loss goals easily. We have created an amazing set of New You bundles to help you finish 2019 strong. Starting from just £3.92 per day, you can choose your favourites from a selection of meals, shakes, bars and snacks, each one nutritionally balanced to create the perfect calorie deficit. No measuring, no food shopping, no cooking. Take a look here. And just think what you could do with all that time you save 🙂 Go on. Carpe diem. We dare you.

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