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How To Build Resilience For A Successful Transformation

How To Build Resilience For A Successful Transformation

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Last week you learned how to tap into your growth mindset. This week to further master your mindset, Pascale is coaching you to build resilience in your mind so you can be successful in your transformation.

What does having a resilient mind mean?

To build resilience within your mind is about being able to adapt and bounce back when you face adversity, tragedy or significant sources of stress. A resilient mind allows you to learn from your mistakes and be able to move forward rather than feeling helpless in your situation. 

As Pascale always says, your mind can be strengthened just like a muscle and the same applies to your resilience.

What can block resilience?

There are 3 things that can stop you from being resilient: 

  1. Thinking the situation is permanent and will never end.
  2. Believing it’s personal by blaming yourself and thinking it’s all your fault.
  3. Thinking the situation is pervasive, that this little event will ruin everything, that your life is over and things will never be the same again. 

So this week, with the help of your FREE downloadable workbook. Pascale is going to teach you to become more resilient.

What to expect from week 2

Firstly you will learn how to have more empowering pep talks with yourself. To do this you can use afformations instead of affirmations. Instead of saying a positive statement (affirmation) that your mind may not believe, you will pose it as a question, in the positive and as if this thing has already happened or been achieved (afformation). 

Any goals you have can be turned into an afformation, and there are plenty of examples in your workbook to help you.

Secondly, you will discover how you can prevent the feeling of helplessness and bounce back when bad events happen by shifting perspective and changing the way you explain things to yourself. 

Pascale will explain how you can switch self-blame to external circumstances, switch permanence to temporary set back and switch the feeling of life destruction to a minor reversible blip.

Finally, you will discover what perspective motivates you more. Is it that you want to get away from pain? Or are you more motivated to go towards pleasure? It’s important to understand it because of the way your goals are framed. You may find that re-framing your goals differently will motivate you more than you ever realised. 

The more knowledge and realisations you have about yourself, the more power you have to help yourself when you get stuck. Enabling you to move forward with your goals and bring positive change to your life. Building resilience is a big part of that.

The difference between who you are and who you want to be, starts with your mindset. So make sure you join Pascale for her next mindset coaching session.

Where’s Pascale?

This month you can join Pascale to become the master of your own mind, on:

  • Tuesday 12th of April at 7pm UK time, for Your Resilient Mindset.
  • Tuesday 19th of April – Sorry, no mindset session
  • Tuesday 26th of April at 7pm UK time, for Your Dreamer Mindset

You can find Pascale on these dates and times over on the Secret Slimmers Facebook group. This is completely free to new and existing customers alike! The coaching call is approximately an hour long and you will find your downloadable workbook in the group too. 

If you join Pascale live, you could win yourself £25 worth of New You Credit. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you can always catch the replay.

You don’t have resilience, you build it!

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