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{ Customer Poem } New You, New Me – Jane Gibson

{ Customer Poem } New You, New Me – Jane Gibson

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As most of you know to mark our 7th Birthday we launched a Michael Kors Handbag competition on our Secret Slimmers community. To enter all you simply had to do with upload a video of your New You experiences. We were overwhelmed with the amount of effort you all put into your videos and really appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us and your fellow Secret Slimmers.

As with any competition there could only be one winner.. After much deliberation we crowned Jane Gibson the lucky winner of such an amazing prize. We felt she went about and beyond by creating a special New You poem all about her experiences on plan. Did you miss her entry? Don’t worry, I have included the poem below for everyone to enjoy.

A big thanks to everyone who entered!! Keep an eye out for future competitions on our Secret Slimmers community, next time you could be the winner.

New You, New Me –  Jane Gibson

Only 8 weeks ago I was at an all time low,                                                                                                                    Little did I know just how far I could go,
I joined New You and have never looked back,                                                                                                          And I’m definitely getting my life back on track.

Physical symptoms have no disappeared,                                                                                                             My heartburn has gone and oh how I have cheered,                                                                                             No longer breathless on climbing the stairs,                                                                                                           Sticking to plan has answered my prayers.

I now want to face the world every day,                                                                                                                 And jump out of bed without any delay,                                                                                                           Desperate to stick to plan for another full day,                                                                                                            Baby steps, one meal at a time, to help me on my way.

I love the taste and the variety of this plan,                                                                                                             It’s so convenient and I’ve become a huge fan,                                                                                                      It’s easy to follow just have your 4 and 4,                                                                                                                And success really will come knocking on your door.

The best part of all is the support online,                                                                                                                  You will talk to people who are truly divine,                                                                                                              Never judged or laughed at for asking simple things,                                                                                        What’s truly unique, is the support the plan brings.

Strangers have contacted me late at night,                                                                                                         When they guessed I was losing my fight,                                                                                                                   A kind word, advice or virtual hug,                                                                                                                             All helped me to stay strong and not pull the plug.

I thank you all for the online support,                                                                                                                     Not one of you has fallen short,                                                                                                                                   To begin with I was definitely at rock bottom,                                                                                                        And I’m gradually learning that my past can be forgotten.

I feel as though I have climbed a huge mountain,                                                                                                   And my life has definitely started to brighten,                                                                                                       Without doubt the best for me is yet to come,                                                                                                             And for that I would like to that everyone.

I feel love in my heart for the plan and Secret Slimmers,                                                                                       And at the end of all our journeys, we’ll definitely all be winners!!

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