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Are Your Friends Stopping You From Losing Weight?

Are Your Friends Stopping You From Losing Weight?

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Losing weight

Many people will be able to relate to this question: “Are your friends making you fat?” Here, we share why you shouldn’t allow anyone to prevent you from losing weight.


When someone says “You’ve Changed!!” It simply means you have stopped living life their way….”


In Secret Slimmers, we hear a lot of people saying their friends talk them into breaking their diet, going on and on and on and on, to make you eat that cake/meal/bun/drink…

Why would a friend do that??

There are LOADS of reasons why a friend would want you to break your diet, but probably none of the reasons are because they think it is best for your health or self esteem.

Losing weight

A lot of the time, the main reason is they don’t want you to change. They are afraid of you changing and how that will impact your relationship.

Here are just some of the reasons that we can think of that friends MIGHT want to break your diet…

Your friend wants you to break your diet because…

  1. They don’t want to look greedy eating crap when you are not
  2. They don’t want you to be slimmer than they are
  3. They love eating and enjoy it more with you and don’t want you to change your habits as it won’t be as much fun for them
  4. They don’t know how to have fun without food being the centre of everything
  5. They need a drinking partner for the weekends
  6. They don’t want to be the fat one in the friendship
  7. They just don’t like change in anyway
  8. You losing weight makes them question they own lifestyle

As you can see, the reasons why your friend might want you to break your diet almost always centre around the fact that they want to feel good, either by enjoying the experience of eating or drinking with you, or by knowing that you will not lose weight. A lot of the times your friend might not even know that this is why they are urging you to eat or drink.

If you really want to take control of your weight, you are going to have to be aware of WHY other people might want you to break you diet. Ask yourself WHY the next time a friend wants you to break you diet, and we are sure almost every time you will realise it is to make themselves feel better.

You have started your diet because YOU want to FEEL AND LOOK GOOD.

Losing weight

Don’t let other people stop you. You have to be strong, and you have to be aware of situations that will arise when friends encourage you to move off course and break your diet.

Taking control of your life, your weight and your health, is all about CHANGE – changing your habits and lifestyle.

Be aware that your friends might not like it.

They may want you to stay the same so that they can feel good.

Be strong enough to stay focused and keep going.

Ideally you will end up being an inspiration to your friend, and they will see how your healthy lifestyle is better and want to follow suit. If they don’t like it, your friendship may suffer, but you have to sometimes let go of some friendships if they are not nourishing for you.

A real friend will want you to be happy and healthy

Always remember that someone will drag you down before you will pull them up. Don’t keep putting off starting your diet because you are waiting to do it with your friend or family member. Going on a diet is a mindset thing… don’t wait for anyone. If you are ready to make the change, go for it, and do it 100%. Show your friends that you are strong, and be the inspiration that they need so that they can feel encouraged to start after seeing your progress.

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