Will Lauren fit into her dress on time?

Those of you that follow us on TikTok and Instagram may have noticed our lovely Lauren on our reels, stories and videos. She’s a New You Total Plan veteran and is taking on the Plan again to fit into the most fabulous dress. Lauren wouldn’t be one of the New You family if she didn’t enjoy a challenge. So throughout

Move It To Lose It! – Part 1

Naturally, when carrying extra weight you gravitate to being more sedentary because any moving about feels too much like hard work. You get out of breath too easily, you get hot and sweaty and your joints and muscles ache all the time. The problem with not moving about enough is that the longer you leave it, the harder it gets.

How to Make Your Habits Sticky!

No, we’re not talking about crafting with paper and glue! We’re talking about making those habit’s you’ve been working on – stick! And that’s what Pascale is helping you work on this week in her mindset session. There’s no point in doing all your habit hard work if it’s not going to last for the long term. So to help

It’s Nearly Time For A Rewind!

Here at New You HQ, we enjoy a good countdown to something. It makes us feel motivated! This week’s countdown is one we can’t wait for as it means an extra hour in bed! Yep, on the 31st of October, the clocks go back by one hour in the UK! And because those clocks are rewinding, we’ll get a proper

Rebecca loses a Whopping 4 Stone and wins £1000 CASH!

Here at New You HQ, we feel that all of you are winners because you’ve chosen to improve your health. However, this week we feel it’s only right to give a special mention to our 1st place winner, Rebecca! Rebecca entered our September Transformation Challenge and we were so inspired by both her journey and transformation that we awarded her

The Time has come to Start Your New Habits

Having spent the last few weeks deciding on what new habits you want to adopt and the ones you need to ditch, this week Pascale helps you focus on how to start those new habits – now!  Just how you break your ultimate transformation goal into smaller goals, you should do the same with your habits. Creating smaller mini habits

The Seasons Are Changing, Are You?

October is the season of change. Mother nature shed’s the old to make way for the new and it’s beautiful. As the leaves are falling and the evenings are getting darker, it’s easy to feel sad that you now need to wrap up and your social calendar is looking sparse. Try not to feel that way. Look for the positive.

September 2021 Transformation Challenge Winners!

Here at New You HQ we have been blown away by your Transformation entries each month and September has been no exception! Every entry we receive is incredible, and it is so lovely to hear our customers full journey, sometimes there is a mixture of triumphs and fears, and it makes it all the more relatable and real!  Thank you

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