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How to Make Your Habits Sticky!

How to Make Your Habits Sticky!

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No, we’re not talking about crafting with paper and glue! We’re talking about making those habit’s you’ve been working on – stick! And that’s what Pascale is helping you work on this week in her mindset session.There’s no point in doing all your habit hard work if it’s not going to last for the long term. So to help you do that, Pascale has devised some strategies.Link your habits.Link your new habit to one that you already have. You may not think that you have any habits as we usually label them as good or bad, but we promise that you have loads. Here are some examples that might apply to you:
  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Taking a bath/shower.
  • Journey to work.
  • School run.
  • Washing the dishes.
  • Checking your emails.
  • Lunch/tea break.
  • Cleaning/housework.
  • Putting the kids to bed.
  • Taking the dog for a walk.
  • Making the bed.
…and the list goes on.
If we take the example of brushing your teeth, if your new habit is doing squats, you could do them straight after brushing your teeth every morning. It’s really that simple.Self-affirmation.To further cement that link, Pascale recommends a bit of self-affirmation as a strategy. With your new habit at the front of your mind, make your intention clear to yourself by saying:I am going to do [insert new habit] when I [insert existing habit] every [insert when that habit happens].”Or, “I am going to do 5 squats when I brush my teeth every morning.”For more in-depth coaching to help you implement your habits in a way that they will last, catch Pascale on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group live on Sunday or any other time under the Guides section. Don’t forget to download the workbook to help you out too.Make sure you become a priority in your life and make those positive changes today.
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