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10 Ways Your Life will improve With Weight Loss

10 Ways Your Life will improve With Weight Loss

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When you’re carrying around extra weight, it can be hard to connect with what your life could be like once you’ve slimmed down. So, we’ve put a list together of 10 things you could look forward to once you’ve reached your weight loss goal.


1. You could say goodbye to your meds

Often you don’t realise that conditions you may be being medically treated for are caused or worsened by being overweight. Meaning that losing weight could potentially see a reduction in the medication you take or even the withdrawal of it completely. Obviously, you should only stop or lower medication if a doctor advises you to. But it’s definitely worth having a discussion with your doctor to see if there is potential for this to happen once you have your weight under control.


2. You will sleep so much better – and so might your partner!

You’ve probably heard that if you get a restful night’s sleep, your weight loss will accelerate. This is true, but the problem with this is that your weight may be causing you to have less or disturbed sleep. The good news is, that by losing as little as 5% of your body weight you can tackle any snoring (your partner will thank you!) or sleep apnea (which often goes undiagnosed) that you may have suffered with. This will then in turn give a boost to your weight loss!


3. Seasonal allergies could be a thing of the past

Did you know that excess weight can put an unnecessary strain on your adrenal glands and respiratory system? This can make allergy symptoms and even asthma, worse. So it’s entirely possible that your weight could be to blame for your sneezing and wheezing, especially in the spring when pollen is rife. By losing some excess pounds, you could potentially ditch the antihistamines for good. Always consult your doctor when it comes to asthma though!


4. Night’s out on the town could be cheaper

Before deciding to lose weight, a night out on the town would potentially see you drinking a lot of alcohol before you saw any effects. However, when you drop a few pounds, your tolerance for alcohol lessens, meaning you will not have to drink as much as you used to in order to feel a bit squiffy! This could save you considerable money on a night out!


5. You will have more fun

Days out can be a drag when you’re overweight. Walking around all day can be tiring and make your joints ache, and places like amusement parks can have weight restrictions or seating on rides can be rather small. When you lose weight, you won’t have to worry about these types of things and days out with the family will become so much more enjoyable for you!



6. You won’t feel hungry all the time

You may find yourself in a vicious cycle of being overweight but being hungry all the time. You eat because you’re hungry and you put on weight because you eat too much. When you choose the New You Plan to support you on your weight loss journey, our TFR puts your body into ketosis which helps to stop those hunger pangs and cravings. When it’s time for you to move onto the re-feed stage, you naturally won’t feel hungry all the time which is great for your waist and wallet!

7. You will sweat a lot less

Extra weight is like a thermal vest around your body, it insulates you. You may feel that’s a plus in the wintertime, but in the summer it causes excess sweat. By losing weight, you can say sayonara to sweat stains and unsightly wet patches and hello to dry days in the sun.

8. Your hair will shine and your skin will glow

You are what you eat is a phrase that has been doing the rounds for decades. It’s possible that there could be an element of truth in it. There are many reports that nutrients found in food can have beautifying effects when consumed, so it only seems right that by ditching the junk, losing weight and eating right, your skin and hair will reap the benefits. Losing weight is good for your inside and outside!

9. You will have much more energy

When you lose weight you are obviously carrying around less fat and will naturally feel lighter for it. This in turn makes everyday activities easier, like climbing stairs, walking, playing with your kids etc. Moving around will use less energy, leaving the excess for other things. 

10. Your job may feel easier

Studies have shown that people suffer less from brain fog once they have lost weight. Also for those of you with more manual jobs, you will find these a lot easier when you drop the pounds.

So there you have it, 10 things that may change in your life when you lose weight. They may not all apply to you, but we suggest that the ones that do, you add to your motivational arsenal. 

Do you know of any more that we’ve missed off of our list? Let us know in the comments and we will share them in a future blog!

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