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Community Round-Up of the Week

This week, our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida shares just some of this week’s achievements from our exclusive Secret Slimmers Facebook group, in her Community Round-up of the Week! Did I say something wrong? Did I mention the word ‘heatwave’? Well that didn’t last did it? Ah well… it has not changed the fabulous mood in Secret Slimmers in any way. We do have a lot of fun on Secret Slimmers, sharing our highs and lows but the camaraderie, love, laughter and support is overwhelming. There are always weight losses and 100% days to be celebrated and boy there have been some woohoo moments this week. Watching slimmers on their journeys, completing milestones […]

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New You Community Highlights of the Week

Oh what a week in our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers Facebook groups! Here, Community Manager Candida rounds up our New You Community Highlights of the Week! Hello sunshine! What a fabulous week it has been, with warmer weather pushing us even harder to realise our dreams of becoming slimmer! The sun fills us with renewed energy, a desire to get fit and beach-tastic. Becky Lang and Gail Hopley have been embracing the gorgeous weather! Becky made thirst quenching Lemon & Orange Zing lollies with our Water Flavouring. Gail was exceedingly imaginative and made what could be the first New You Mocktail Mojita. She said: “Add lemon water flavouring, ice, […]

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The New You Plan Community Highlights

Community highlights

Another amazing week has passed in our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers groups, so we couldn’t let it pass without reflecting on it. Today, our Community Manager Candida rounds up our Community Highlights of the Week! This has been one fabulous week to unite, laugh, be happy, smile and shed those pesky pounds! So many of you have accomplished this, climbed mountains, overcome mental obstacles and together we have united our incredible community. Each sunrise is a fresh start, a brand-new day, a new pencil on an empty page; your weight loss journey is as rewarding and fulfilling as you make it. It may be a journey of many miles […]

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Community Highlights Of The Week

This week, Customer Transformation Coach Candida shares what’s been happening in our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers groups to bring you our community highlights of the week. Hello May! The sun has been smiling and the birds have been tweeting – Spring has finally arrived! This week in our amazing community you lovely Secret Slimmers have been incredible as always. There has been a real sense of commitment and engagement on the page, which is an integral part of your journey. This week saw the introduction of the new daily theme post. Each day I will post up a theme. These themes are there to motivate and guide you, to […]

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This week’s weight loss support community update

Here, our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida rounds up what’s been happening in our weight loss support community this week. It’s officially spring! Woohoo! As Julie-Ann so eloquently put it: “The season of new beginnings, fresh starts and blossoming into a beautiful bright new you! Spring is the perfect season to dedicate your efforts to making a rapid jaw dropping transformation! The sun is out, blue skies and longer days are perfect for evening walks or working in the garden. 3 months from now the summer will start in June. Let’s make sure we are all 100% committed to making the next 3 months our time of total focus and dedication […]

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New You Plan Community Round-up: This week’s highlights

Customer Transformation Coach Candida shares this week’s New You Plan community highlights… As another week at Secret Slimmers and Momentum Maintainers unfolds, the New You Plan community is filled with both sadness and happiness. One of the incredible things about our secret groups is that you can express how you are feeling and know you will receive such incredible love and support. Our beloved Anne McClure sadly lost her sister this week. Our heart, as an amazing community, breaks for her, as this has been an exceedingly tragic six months for Anne and her family. Please send your healing thoughts to Anne and her two nieces who have so tragically […]

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New You Plan highlights of the week!

Hi everyone, it’s Candida here with your New You Plan highlights of the week! Spring is upon us and this week sees the beginning of March Madness at New You as we lovingly leave behind Love Your Body Month. This week has been as busy as ever on both Secret Slimmers and Momentum Maintainers with an abundance of fabulous achievements. New You founder Julie-Ann inspired many this Pancake Tuesday with her helpful step by step guide to making New You Pancakes, including Orla Cahill and Maureen Dowling who created some delicious looking pancakes. Karen Robinson’s culinary skills did not go unnoticed either with her Death By Chocolate Brownie Waffles, which […]

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[Candida blog] COMMUNITY UPDATE: A Week In Review

Hi everyone, it’s Candida here with your weekly community update! It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and what a fabulous week it has been in the Secret Slimmers Community! I’ve been watching the new Secret Slimmers embark on their New You journey with anticipation as to how they will do in their first week. It’s a privilege to be a part of this, to be a part of their transformation to a healthy body and mind. Did you know that we have an incredible 5,255 members in our secret community? That’s 5,255 like minded people striving to lose weight and be the healthiest they can possibly be. We […]

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The weight loss group everyone wants to be a part of

weight loss group

Saturday has come around again! We can’t believe that this day next week will be Christmas Eve! We can’t wait. While the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, we’re so proud of the buzz in Secret Slimmers. We have never seen our customers more focused or determined at this time of year before and we’re loving it! There’s a real ‘In it together’ vibe in the group which is exactly what we want Secret Slimmers to be about. And because we want everyone to see just how amazing this group is (and join in, of course), we’d thought we’d give you a little insight into the coolest group […]

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5 reasons to join Secret Slimmers

weight loss group

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual. This week it’s safe to say there’s an undeniable buzz in Secret Slimmers. With the countdown to Christmas well and truly on, our customers are more focused and determined than ever to reach their weight loss goals, just in time for the festive season. We’ve absolutely loved checking into Secret Slimmers this week and reading all the words of encouragement our customers have for each other. There have also been some amazing achievements, funny stories and weight loss results shared, not to mention many new friendships formed. So why does this community work? There might be over 5000 people […]

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