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Your Summer Slim Down Mindset Week 2 -Enjoy Your Summer & Know Why

Your Summer Slim Down Mindset Week 2 -Enjoy Your Summer & Know Why

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Now you have your summer slim down plan in place, it’s time to have a look at ways that you can really cement it into place and make sure you stick to what you’ve committed to paper.

Writing it down is a great start, but with all the summertime distractions, it could be easy to throw caution to the wind and your plan out of the window. So you need the tools to prevent that from happening.


This week is the second week of Pascale’s Summer Slim Down Mindset coaching sessions and she will be helping you with learning how to enjoy your summer whilst remembering your ‘why’.

In case you’d forgotten what your ‘why is, it’s the reason why you decided to lose weight and join the New You Plan. Your trigger moment, your ‘enough’s enough,’ or your last straw!

It’s always good to have your ‘why’ available to you at all times. What we mean is to have it written in places that might tempt you to blip, like on the fridge door, or inside a kitchen cupboard. Also, stick it to places that you will regularly see it like a bathroom mirror or dressing table mirror. Your ‘why’ can be used as your mantra.


In addition to your ‘why’, you can also think about the future ‘you’ as motivation to stay on plan.

Visualising your future ‘you’ is a great way to stay on track. Imagine the following:

  • A slim new you walking past the shop windows and seeing your reflection.
  • A slim new you trying clothes on in the fitting room of your favourite clothes shop.
  • A slim new you sitting on the beach, ready to swim in the sea.
  • A slim new you playing in the park with your children.

How does that make you feel? These warm glowy feelings could become reality for you sooner rather than later if you stick to your summer slim down plan. Use thoughts and feelings like this to help you stay motivated.

Watch your language!

The language that you use when talking about your weight loss plan and your journey can make a big difference too. Because although you may not realise it, you could be reinforcing a negative perspective on things.

For example:




I have to…

I choose to…

I can’t have…

I’ve decided to…

I mustn’t eat…

It’s ok, I’m eating…

I’m not supposed to…

I’m good, I’m having…

Can you see how shifting a perspective can bring about positive thoughts and feelings?

When you’re offered food that isn’t part of your plan, by saying that you’ve decided to have your NYP meal bar, instead of ‘I can’t’ have fish and chips, positively reinforces your plan. Saying ‘I can’t’ sounds like you’re punishing yourself which couldn’t be the furthest from the truth!

As another example, if you’re offered a sugary drink, pass, by saying ‘I’m good, I’m having sparkling water at the moment’. It’s part of your plan and your choice. Expressing that you’re ‘supposed to’ be drinking sparkling water, sounds like you’re unhappy. Positive reinforcement is the key to your success here.


If the above isn’t enough motivation for you, it’s time to get real. You should also think about the following:

  • What real evidence and victories will I enjoy if I stick to my summer plan?
  • What will the cost be to my health (mental and physical) and weight loss if I don’t stick to my summer plan?
  • I like who I’m becoming as I lose weight, do I want to head towards that or turn back?

Sticking to your plan is about mindset, and don’t forget, just as a puppy isn’t just for Christmas, your summer slim down plan isn’t just for summer, it’s for lifelong results.

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