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With Our Secret Slimmers Community, You Never Have to Feel Alone in Your Weight Loss Journey

With Our Secret Slimmers Community, You Never Have to Feel Alone in Your Weight Loss Journey

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Here at The New You Plan, we know weight loss isn’t only about what you eat (or don’t eat!). We believe that to achieve your goals you need support, whether it’s from friends, family or somewhere else. 

If you weren’t ‘in the know’ the New You Plan has its own support network in the shape of our Secret Slimmers Facebook community. It has reached 11k members so far and will just keep growing.

If you’ve not gone over to say hello, then we recommend that you do. Go on! They’re a friendly and welcoming bunch and we promise they won’t bite!

If you’re still on the fence but kind of curious, then here’s what you can find:

  • Advice from the veteran New You Plan’ers. They know the ropes and are happy to share everything they know.
  • Encouragement from EVERYONE: ‘You’ve got this,’ ‘You can do this,’ ‘Good luck,’ ‘Stay strong.’
  • People’s setbacks-because we’re all human: Microwave mishaps, bad days, and life just getting in the way.
  • Positive vibes: sharing the love, good news, great times, beautiful pictures and colourful gifs and memes!
  • Check-ins, if you need to feel accountable: ‘What’ve you had for breakfast?’ ‘How much water have you had today?’ ‘Are you making today count?’

  • Tips: How to stay focused, favourite New You Plan foods, the best way to cook and prepare your New You Plan foods.
  • Ideas for non-food rewards: That dress you had your eye on, nice undies ;-), a new book or an exciting day out.
  • Results and transformation pictures. We can’t give examples in this list, so you’ll have to see the amazing results for yourself!
  • Cat pictures-yes really! Not all support is human! Furry friends can lend a non-judgemental ear!
  • Inspiration: So many success stories, I don’t think we can count them all!
  • Reassurance: ‘Wow!’ ‘You look amazing!’ Well done!’ ‘What a result!’ ‘Looking beautiful,’ ‘Brilliant job!’

And so much more!

We love reading the Secret Slimmers community posts and comments, they’re such a positive group of people! When compiling the list above we stumbled on a very special post, which expressed so much gratitude, we just had to share it with you, as it’s so heartfelt.

A particular person, who was about to move on from full meal replacement posted: 

“I feel like the past 12 weeks have gone so quickly! I could never have achieved the results I have without the overwhelming support from this group. You are all truly an amazing bunch of humans and I have massive love for you all. You have guided me on my journey whether you knew it or not, with recipe ideas, hints, tips and inspiration.”

Wow! What a tear-jerker! 

It’s this type of post that makes you realise how life-changing being part of the Secret Slimmers community can be.

This post got 104 comments (and counting) and every single one was congratulatory.

“wow this is amazing I can’t believe you lost all this in 12 weeks. You should be so proud of yourself you look fabulous.”

“You look amazing is this your first time on new you? My friend has done it she swears by it so I can’t wait to get started. She lost over 5 stone. Wishing you well with your refeeding now. You should be proud of yourself you are doing fabulous x”

“That’s fantastic, well done, really inspiring stuff”

“So inspiring you look amazing”

And our favourite:

“Amazing results!!! Need to save this post and look at it each time I need a kick up the bum! xx”

This post started out as a thank you to the group and ended up as something that gave an enormous amount of inspiration and hope to those who read it. A Community really is a powerful thing. So if you feel that you will need some support, inspiration, or a kick up the bum on your weight loss journey, then head on over to our Facebook page and introduce yourself! 

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