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Your Summer Slim Down Mindset July 2021 Week 3-Sunburn and Recover

Your Summer Slim Down Mindset July 2021 Week 3-Sunburn and Recover

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In life, no matter how much you prepare for something, there is always a possibility that things don’t work out the way you planned. For instance, in the summer, you can slather yourself in suncream, but there will be the odd occasion that despite you doing that, you still get sunburnt. That doesn’t mean the summer is over for you though. You just need a little self-care to heal your skin, then your back out in the sun again in no time.

The same can be applied to your summer slim down plan. You can be organised and on the right path but something, possibly beyond your control, could happen and you blip. But this doesn’t mean your weight loss journey is over, or ruined. Just like you have ‘aftersun’ as your sunburn recovery strategy, you should also have something in place to help you back onto the path of your weight loss journey. 

When looking at strategies for getting back on track for weight loss, your mindset is going to be the driving force. The problem with that is that it’s likely that you are your own worst critic. You put yourself down, seeing a blip as a failure, which does not motivate you to continue to pursue your goal.

Be Kind to yourself

Think of how kind and compassionate you are to your friends and family when they feel negative towards themselves. 

You naturally feel that you want to lift up those around you when they are down. Offering them words of encouragement to make them feel good and motivated.

You wouldn’t confirm a friend’s feeling of failure, or encourage them to quit. So why do you do this to yourself?

Kind words can make all the difference. It can turn your day around and shift your mindset from negative to positive. If you do this for your friends and family, then you should one hundred percent be doing this for yourself. 


Use positive words as your recovery strategy

Imagine you have a friend on the New You Plan and they have blipped. They want to give up. What would you say to them? What advice would you give? Write down exactly what you would say to them to make them feel motivated to carry on. Then swap out their name for yours and use this encouragement on yourself when you feel demotivated.

If you’re struggling to think of how to encourage someone or yourself, some of these may help:

  • Don’t quit now, you’ve done so well.
  • You look fantastic, don’t let one blip change that.
  • I know it can be hard, but you’re strong.  You can do this.
  • You’re not a quitter.
  • Are you going to let one blip beat you?
  • You’re allowed to make mistakes, it’s part of being human.


Find a cheerleader

Another great strategy is to have a friend who will actively encourage you when you need it. Explain your goals and what you need from them should you feel like giving up. If you can’t find a friend, post on the Secret Slimmers Facebook page and ask for an accountability partner, someone you can team up with and help each other out when motivation is low.

For a more in-depth look at how you can create a recovery strategy, Pascale will be helping you go through this week’s workbook on this very subject on Sunday at 5 pm. Or catch up on the replay afterwards. Take advantage of her free coaching on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook page.

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