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“My TFR Weight Loss Journey: 75lbs Lost In 23 Weeks!”*

TFR weight loss journey

Customer Hele-Kai reveals that after 23 weeks into her TFR weight loss journey, her weight has stayed the same this week. However, her change in mindset has allowed her to handle this with a totally different attitude. My meals plans I love the routine I have with The New You Plan. It is not the usual and boring routine but a nice, familiar and comforting routine. During the time I have been on the plan, I have created my favourite meals and as I loved them in the beginning of my journey, I still do. It hasn’t changed. I don’t plan my meals ahead. I don’t make a plan in the […]

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Hele-Kai’s Week 9 Weight Loss Diary

Week 9 of her weight loss diary, customer Hele-Kai has been on an incredible journey! Watch her video below to find out her total weight loss so far, as well as her tried and tested top tips… Hele-Kai is proof that so much can be achieved in such a short space of time. In just 9 weeks she has lost a total of 3 stone* and looks incredible! 9 weeks into her journey, her weight loss continues to be steady, losing another 3.5lbs. What so many of our customers tell us is that often with other diets, their weight loss would slow down or completely stop after just a few […]

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Hannah Blog 8 – Week 13 – Total lost 56lbs

Hi Everyone!!!   Hope you are all doing fantastically this week!! I just onto the scales to see a 4 3/4lb loss this week and taking me to 1lb off a 4 stone loss!! How amazing is that?! I feel so so great. Not just with my body but in my mind as well. I feel like I can tackle food head on now.   Check out my before and after so far! I was so shocked with them this week!! I have taken the decision to switch over from fast focus and give family focus a go.   Family focus is a new meal plan that New You have […]

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[Customer Interview] Jonathan loses 103lbs* on TFR

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual. Jonathan Started the New You Plan weighing in at 280lbs, he had no control over what he was eating, he was getting bigger and bigger but this was a man on a mission and he wanting nothing more than to be fit, healthy and happy with his body! Continue reading to see how Jonathon won his battle with his weight!!! 1. Mini Profile: Hi Guys I am Jonathan Dunlop I am 49 I am From Birmingham My Starting weight was 280lbs 2. How long have you been in the plan & how much weight have you lost? I’ve used New You for the past three […]

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Customer interview: “I lost 4 stone in 8 weeks with The New You Plan!”*

* Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee! Amelia-Grace has an incredible story to tell. Her New You Plan journey really is inspirational… in just 8 short weeks, she has lost 4 stone! That’s 2 stone per month! She truly shows that if you stick to the plan 100%, amazing results are achievable! Read her interview below as she shares her reasons for getting started and how the Plan has changed her life! So Amelia Grace… tell us, how much weight have you lost! I have lost 4 stone in 8 weeks on the New You Plan. I started off as a size 22/24 and I’m now wearing […]

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Customer Interview: “I lost 30lbs in 9 weeks and felt fabulous on my wedding day!”*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee. Newlywed Aisling lost an incredible 30lbs in just 9 weeks for her wedding day. Dropping from a size 18 to a size 12-14, she looked amazing on her big day and just radiates confidence. Aisling is now back on plan to achieve her last weight loss goal before her honeymoon. Here, she tells us all about her amazing journey! Aisling, tell us why you began The New You Plan? We were out on New Year’s Eve so everyone was taking pictures and when I saw myself I just felt awful! I had been trying to lose weight the entire time in the […]

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Customer interview: “I dropped 3 dress sizes in 10 weeks with The New You Plan!”*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee. Customer Sarah began her incredible New You Plan journey in March. Feeling unhappy with her weight and armed with a recommendation from a friend to try the Plan, she has lost an incredible 2st 11lbs in just 10 weeks! Dropping from a size 18 to a size 12-14, Sarah has lost a total of 45 inches, 8 of which were from her waist and 7 from her hips. In her interview, Sarah shares the heartfelt reasons she began the plan and her tips for success! Sarah, tell us when you started the plan? What was it that finally led you to getting […]

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[Guest blog Tasha] “I’ve reached my first goal & I’m loving the New Me!”*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee. HIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAA! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend… I know I did! So the wedding has been and gone. I had such an amazing day ! I love getting pampered and having my hair done. It was so nice and it’s not often that I get myself all done up, but I do think I scrub up well. I can be a girlie girl when I want too! So I thought I was going to get an up hair style but then I was like nope, I want curls so I got curls. I was afraid of looking chubby. I used […]

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Team Tasha: 33.2lbs lost and counting!*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee For those of you who do not know me, my name is Tasha Hynes! I’m a bit of a nutter, I am 23 years old and I have made it to week 8 on the New you Plan, Yayyyyyyyy! In total I have lost 33.2lbs! I’m so excited and I feel amazing. I have started to swim again and it feels so fricking good to do exercise again! I love helping people and I aim to try and inspire others on my weight loss journey and I know everyone is different but this specific thing has been bothering me. I want everyone to […]

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