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[Guest blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 2 New You Plan Results

[Guest blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 2 New You Plan Results

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It’s week 2 on plan for influencer Sherelee aka @kayceesworld. Despite admitting that she didn’t have a 100% week on plan, Sherelee shares that she lost 7lbs, taking her total to 20lbs in just 2 weeks. Read on to find out why cheating on plan just isn’t worth it.

“Cheating is only cheating yourself and boy do I understand that saying a lot more after this week!

I have struggled …big time. What with my star week due and Kaycee not sleeping I have been craving bread.

Well it all started with her leftover crusts (a mum thing, right? I’m not alone). They smelled so good and they tasted better but I quickly spat them out and told myself off.

Only it didn’t finish there. After a couple of hours fighting with myself in my head I made a sandwich and inhaled it quicker than a savaged wolf that hadn’t eaten for weeks.

It was not a pretty sight.

Queue the tears….What the hell did I just do?! I’ve been gifted this most amazing opportunity to get my life back and literally let everyone down.
Oh gosh it was awful. I was on my stories crying and saying sorry ha!

Anyways what I’m trying to say is DON’T CHEAT …DON’T NIBBLE. It really does set you back mentally.

I couldn’t regain my full focus all week. 

Although I did stick to plan it was too much milk or too many snacks etc.

I don’t deserve this at all but I’ve lost another 7lbs making it 20lbs in two weeks. 

Week 3 is full steak ahead and I want 3-4 lbs loss please.”

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