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Your Summer Slim Down Mindset -Planning Your Summer Success Week 1

Your Summer Slim Down Mindset -Planning Your Summer Success Week 1

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Summer is an ideal time to make healthy changes. The longer days with more daylight and sunshine makes you feel happier and naturally gives you more energy which leads to positivity. So make sure you take full advantage of these good vibes you’re feeling right now.

To help you do just that, this month, the amazing Pascale is helping you with your mindset so you can slim down for summer. And yes there’s still time!

In week one, Pascale really sets you up for the month, so it’s one we recommend you definitely do not miss. Of course, if you can’t make the live, then you can always watch the replay at any time.

I am the secret ingredient.

That is the key here, you are the secret ingredient to your success and if you’re going to achieve a slimmer new you for the summer by staying on track and avoiding blips then you’re going to need a plan. 

Your plan is going to be detailed and very specific. No fluff or vagueness to give you loopholes and self-sabotaging excuses to fall off the wagon-or even worse-quit. It’s also important that you make your plan in advance, or now, so that you are ready for any surprises that come your way.

To help you with your plan, Pascale has created a workbook that you can download. It asks you all the right questions so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

What’s Your Summer Plan?

It may be that for you, summer, is like any other season and not much changes in the way of daily routines, or you could be the sort of person that has a bulging diary of social events and holidays. Either way, now is the time to review your goals and build a plan that will not only help you fulfil those goals but fit in with your life too. So you don’t disrupt your weight loss journey, you need to ask yourself self-and be honest:

  • What is your summer goal?
    • How much will you lose? By what date?
    • Are you sticking to the New You Plan this summer?
    • If not, what are your start and end dates?
  • What are your potential obstacles?
    • List all of your social events, days out, holidays etc. Anything that would involve thinking about how you will implement your food choices.

The more detail you have, the better decisions you will make. 

Knowing as much as possible about each event will help you plan for not only what you are going to eat, on or off-plan but how you will handle being questioned about your choices. Because let’s face it, that does happen. 

Pascale will help you shift your mindset by tapping into what has happened previously in certain situations and helping you to change the outcomes should similar situations happen again. This will enable you to take full control of your summer plan.

To help you fill out your workbook and start your summer plan, make sure you join Pascale. She will be over on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook page on Sunday 4th July at 5 pm for this month’s first Summer Slim Down mindset session. Pascale will coach you so you can achieve your summer goals.


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