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Weigh in 3: 3.5 pounds down and went to Pizza Hut!*

Weigh in 3: 3.5 pounds down and went to Pizza Hut!*

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*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

Well yesterday was my third weigh in! 🙂  I posted my result over at the January Weight Loss Challenge yesterday.

So here is a recap of my weigh in results…

Week 1 (10 Days) – 12 pounds

Week 2 – 4 pounds

Week 3 – 3.5 pounds

So that is a total of 19.5 pounds in 3 weeks – not bad eh! 🙂 Happy Happy!!

My goal for January is 22 pounds – so I am feeling pretty confident that I am  I going to kick that goal right out of the park! 😉

I have a total chocolate head on me at the moment, and seem to be surviving on all things Chocolate from the New You range.

Creamy Chocolate TFR Diet Shake – I make this one one spoonful of coffee granules added and cold water with 1-2 ice cubes.

Hot Chocolate High Protein Drink – I love this at supper time

Luxurious Chocolate Truffa TFR Meal Bar – Have one of these in my handbag at all times (handy if you are out and need something! – especially if you decide to go to starbucks and need to resist the yummy buns!)

I have found that I go through phases of what I like, at the start I really wanted to have soups all the time, and now my mood is more chocolately, I am sure this will change in a week or 2 and I will either be flat out on the soups or maybe have a fruity head on and be drinking Beautiful Banana TFR Diet Shakes or the Sensational Strawberry TFR Diet Shake lol.

I am glad to have done so well this month, as having the cold, being on antibiotics and with Isabella’s hip treatment, it has been a stressful month.  So at least I have been able to lose weight even with a tough start.

We hadn’t been out since Christmas and since Isabella has her splints on, but she is more settled now, so we decided to go to the cinema last night to see Sherlock Holme’s, ended up going to PIZZA HUT before hand, where I ordered a glass of water and a black coffee, and watched my husband eat a pizza and garlic bread, and then go through a big portion of popcorn during the movie!  I felt really good that I didn’t even care!

The movie was good, think we might go and see the War Horse sometime soon!

I’m so glad to have the first 3 weeks over me now, it is commonly said that it takes 21 days to change a habit, and I really do feel more settled now, and Im finding it easy (like if I went to pizza hut and didn’t give in, that just shows you how focused I am as I love Pizza Hut lol.)

Onwards and Downwards….

Looking forward to the next weigh in.

Love Julz






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