February Month of LOVE Your Body: Weight Loss Challenge*

February Month of LOVE Your Body: Weight Loss Challenge*

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*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee

Welcome to The New You Plan February Weight Loss Challenge!

As February is the month of love with Valentine’s day on the 14th, the theme for New You this month is LOVE YOUR BODY.

We want YOU to LOVE your body THIS MONTH, by LOSING WEIGHT FAST and building healthy habits for LONG TERM SUCCESS.

WE ARE ALSO GIVING YOU A FREE BONUS GIFT for Joining our challenge! Read on to find out MORE….

New You Diet Weight Loss Challenge













This month please STATE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOAL for the month of February AND ONE HABIT that you are going to introduce to make you healthier and improve your lifestyle.

Losing weight is one thing, but to be able to MAINTAIN your weight loss, you need to build in healthy habits.  A healthy active lifestyle is the foundation to your long term slimming success!!

Here are some examples of Healthy Habits that you could incorporate in this month.

Only PICK ONE or TWO Habits to introduce this month – focus on building these habits into your lifestyle and by the end of February you will feel confident to add in another one or two.

Samples of Healthy Habits…

  • Start every morning with a morning walk
  • Do an exercise DVD everyday
  • Drink a glass of water every hour
  • Reduce Caffeine intake
  • Start a new exercise class like Yoga, Zumba, Kettlebells etc.
  • Walk the dogs every evening
  • Start a home exercise routine every morning to tone up – ie. sit ups, press ups, squats & leg lunges
  • Get to bed early and get up early to get a good nights sleep

You can pick ANY habit you want, so you DO NOT HAVE TO PICK ONE FROM THIS LIST, YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN.

Please STATE BELOW your WEIGHT LOSS GOAL for the month of February and the Healthy Habit that you are aiming to develop this month.

Each week when you check in and post your weight loss result please give an update on how you are going with your HEALTHY HABIT.


  1. Add your name now…. leave a comment below
  2. Add your name now…. leave a comment below

To add YOUR NAME and make YOUR COMMITMENT TO LOVE YOUR BODY THIS MONTH please leave a comment below.

Woohoo!! Let’s have an AMAZING FEBRUARY… “Life is what you make it, are you ready to make your yours MAGNIFICENT?”


  • FREE Personalised Email Motivation Course for the month – keeping you on track with your weight loss goals and your healthy habits.  This will be sent to you EVERY MORNING, and remind you of your personal goals and personal reasons for wanting to be slim fit and healthy.  It is important to start every day off to a positive start, and this email course will set you up for success!!
New You Diet Plan - LOVE YOUR BODY
New You Diet Plan – LOVE YOUR BODY
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