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{ UPDATE } #SetForSuccess The New You Journey!

{ UPDATE } #SetForSuccess The New You Journey!

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Here at the New You Plan we know everyones weight loss journey is different. All our bodies are made up in different ways so some of us will see results quicker than others. The key to any weight loss journey is to see every result big or small as a triumph. Whether you lose 1 pound or 10 pounds, they all count as a success proving you are on the right path to your goal.

Over the years we have loved revisiting some of our past customers to see how they are getting on and look at the progress they have made. These stories are a great way of motivating new and existing customers along on their journey. They prove the point that everyone reacts differently to the plan but still manage to achieve their goal in the end up. Not giving up is so important and creating that positive mindset to help you on your way.

This week we have had some amazing progress stories we wanted to share with you. It is a great way to compare your story with other peoples and relate to the same dips and triumphs they have come across. Our success stories are key to inspiring new customers to make their first purchase as they can see first hand the results they could get. This is where Set For Success Sunday comes into play. How many times have you told yourself ‘next week is my week!’ or ‘I’ll start on Monday..’, these are quotes we hear too often but its not just telling yourself to do it, you need to get your mind prepared and get focused so you start your weight loss journey on the right path.


This week we have received feedback from a selection of our customers who are all on different stages of their journey. Hearing how everyone is getting on with their plan is so important to us as we want to help them out every step of the way. This is where our Secret Slimmers community really comes into play. A motivating group to help push through the bad times, celebrate the good times and find out clever tips and tricks other slimmers have discovered.

This weeks round up..

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To start off we received these incredible updates from Maggie and Maureen. Both at different stages of their journey but both seeing the benefits already. Maggie is 1 month in and has lost a remarkable 2 stone!! A truly amazing result. Think of where she will be 6 months done the line?

Maureen is at the start of her journey and has finished her 1st week on plan. She gave us an update with a before an after shot (something we love to see at the New You HQ) and they speak for themselves.  The change in just 1 week in is so inspiring. Keep up the good work Maureen and please keep us updated with progress pics along your journey.

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We love Bernie’s story! The fact the New You plan has allowed her to lose a whopping 30lb AND is letting her relive her teenage years by fitting into the same dress size she was back then is truly remarkable. Her story is a solid example if you are thinking about joining the plan then the results speak for themselves. Who better to trust than customers who have gone through it themselves and found the results they were looking for.

Christine is a great example as to how easy the plan is. She has been on the TFR diet for 6 weeks and has lost an amazing 2 stone. The plan doesn’t need to involve a lot of effort, if you stick to the regime that is outlined in your pack and drink 2 litre of water a day you will be reaping the benefits like these lovely ladies.

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Not sure if you would like the food offerings of our plan? Let Patricia put your mind at rest. As many of our customers like to tell us, our variety is what sets us apart from other meal replacement diets. We offer a mouth watering selection of breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks for you to chose from. We include some home cooking favourites like cottage pie, chilli and even pancakes for those Sunday mornings.

I have left Sharon’s story until the end as her accomplishment is incredible. Throughout her weight loss journey she has lost an amazing 4 stone. That is such an impressive figure!! We cannot wait to see her ‘before and after’ shot. I bet she looks brilliant. Like some of our other success stories this week Sharon also mentioned how easy the plan was to stick to. If you are the very beginning and are not sure how this plan will pan out for you, these customer comments should help to keep you motivated and on track. Think of yourself in a few weeks time posting your own success story of how far you have came. The beginning is as important as the end, its the decision you made to lose the unwanted weight in the first place that is the key!

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