{ COMPETITION } Want to win a Michael Kors Bag?

{ COMPETITION } Want to win a Michael Kors Bag?

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Secret Slimmers round-upWoohoo!  We are celebrating turning 7 years old! As with everything at the new you plan, we like to do it in style, so we want to celebrate how many lives we have changed with a special star task and a star prize of a Michael Kors bag.

Over the past 7 years we have received great feedback from our customers in many ways, this stems from regular posts on Facebook to show us their progress to thank you letters in the post but the one that we love to see the most is testimonial videos!

These videos allow us to get a personal overview as to how the plan has worked for them. It is this snapshot into our customers lives that allows us to know what they liked and didn’t like, their thoughts and feelings about the plan and how they are getting on in relation to their target.

It is because of this we have decided to launch a very special competition that we can’t wait to tell you about..

As you probably noticed over the last few days we have been running a sequence of daily competitions on Secret Slimmers to celebrate our 7th Birthday. A variety of fun games making it easy for customers to enter.

To fully mark the occasion we want to step it up a notch and go out with a bang. We want to give you the opportunity to win a brand new Michael Kors Selma Bag in tan. Since we have stepped it up it is only fair that you do also..

For your chance to win this amazing prize we are looking for a testimonial video* describing your journey so far. It doesn’t matter what stage you are on your journey as they all count, we love hearing how people are getting on as everyone’s story is different.


To make sure you make the best testimonial video we have provided you with a few pointers. The guidelines include the basic points we would like everyone to adhere to. We have also included a list of questions to help inspire you with topics you want to talk about in your video.

Competition guidelines:

– Testimonial video has to be digital. The simplest method is to shoot it on your smart phone.

– Make sure your microphone isn’t covered to reduce sound quality.

– Pick a well lit room as we want to be able to see your face.

– Introduce yourself at the start and how long you have been on the plan.

– The video needs to last between 1 – 3 minutes

– Playback your video to make sure it is working before submitting the entry

– Keep it personal, we want to know about you and your journey.

– All entries need to submitted by 30th November to be included

– Please submit your video by email to [email protected] – you can also add your video to our secret slimmers group.

A little topic inspiration:

– What made you join the plan in the first place?  How did you feel before joining the plan?

– What reservations did you have about the plan, but when you joined you realised you had no need to worry?

– How does being on the new you plan make you feel? Your mood, energy levels, outlook on life? What is different?

– How much weight have you lost so far?  If you have been maintaining, how long for?

– How has the new you plan changed how you think about yourself, your confidence, your relationship with food?

– Why do you love the New You Plan?  Is it the food, the results, the customer services, the online community, the challenges and prizes?  What stands out for you and why?

– What are your favourite meals?  What does your average day look like when you are on plan?

–  If you had to sum up your new you journey in a sentence what would it be?

–  What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining the plan?

– In  your own words explain how the plan works and what level of support you get from the new you plan.

– Your biggest achievement since joining the plan, what have you done that you wouldn’t have been able to do before?

– How has your life changed since you lost weight with the new you plan?

– What healthy habits have you built in since starting the plan?  How do you think differently? Are you more positive? More active?

We want you to have fun making this so don’t think it has to be structured, the more creative the better. We want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera and talk us through your journey in your own way. You can use props of your favourite New You Products if you want but this isn’t essential. Think of it as talking to a friend about New You, if you want to get a friend to ask you questions this will also be allowed. Allow your personality to come through and be proud of the end result.

Good Luck 🙂

*By entering you are allowing New You the right to use the video for marketing purposes.

To Enter: click on the link to add your video into the thread

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