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{ Motivational Monday } The Countdown to Christmas has begun!

{ Motivational Monday } The Countdown to Christmas has begun!

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It is the start of a new week and we are hoping to smash it again!! With Halloween and Bonfire night out of the way it is now acceptable to talk about Christmas (YEAHH!!). This year has flown by so quickly and the New Year is practically within reaching distance. The New Year marks a new start for a lot of people but it can sometimes be tricky with the affects of Christmas lingering on for a few weeks into January. The next few weeks can be very hard for a slimmer to stay on plan but don’t let the temptation and treats sidetrack you. Think of the progress you have made so far and use that to motivate you and see you through to the finish line.

It is crazy to think there are only 6 more Monday mornings before the big day.. so now is the time to keep those positive thoughts going and to stay on track for the party season and New Year.

When the countdown to Christmas begins we are always bombarded with lavish events to celebrate the festive season. From countless Christmas parties to New Year celebrations, there is always something we want to dress up for and feel great. November is the perfect time to tell get on track and make the change just in time to enjoy what the season brings. If you start TODAY then by the time Christmas comes around you will thank us for the healthier happier version of you that is standing in front of the mirror.


Whether you are currently on plan or have just started, staying on the right path during the weeks ahead is so important to reaching your goal. We know that there is so much temptation out there at the time of year and a lot of hurdles for you to jump but if you get your mind set on the goal then these obstacles will be easier to overcome.

Let’s put the timing into perspective, we all know that Monday morning feeling, another long week ahead and getting yourself motivated to start the week off right. Well now think there are only 6 more Monday morning routines to go through and then you are right in the middle of Christmas week. Scary thought I know!! With this in mind today is the perfect time to change your bad habits and create a plan to look and feel great. We want our customers to be going into the New Year with the right mindset and feeling confident they can reach their goal.

#motivationalmonday is something that helps our community get through the tough times and starts the week off right. Our Secret Slimmers help motivate each other and encourage our customers that have blipped to get back up again and carry on with their journey. Not giving up is key to success and with a support team behind you reaching that goal will be a walk in the park.

To keep yourself on track and prepared for all what the next few weeks throw at you make sure you stock up on all your New You Favourites.


WOOHOO!! Did you know we are celebrating our 7th Birthday???

Can you believe it has been 7 years since New You helped its very first customer? Here at the New You HQ we feel like it was just yesterday. We are so proud of what we have achieved over the last 7 years so what better way to celebrate than giving a special birthday treat.
We are celebrating 77 TFR meals and snacks for the amazing price of £77. That is £1/€1.29 each!!
That is Just:
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