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Top Tips To Turn A Negative Mindset Into A Positive One

Top Tips To Turn A Negative Mindset Into A Positive One

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Negative mindset

Stop a negative mindset in its tracks! Today’s blog is committed to helping you think positively to make your New You journey that little bit easier.

Losing weight is probably more about what you THINK than anything else! If we can get our head in the right place, our body will follow!

One of the most common reasons that people fail on their diet is because of a negative dieting mindset. It is easy to be your own worst enemy by talking yourself out of sticking to the plan and being 100%. You need to be your own champion, be your own best friend, and when you feel these negative thoughts coming into play, you need to be able to turn them around so you can remain strong and positive.

This TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT diet is really a head diet. Even if you start out positive, it is common for a negative diet mindset to appear at some point. Take some time to prevent yourself from failing when the negative diet mindset appears by reading this blog post and doing today’s task!

In the first 21 days a negative diet mindset can come up when you are breaking those bad habits of opening the fridge every evening, or having a wee something with your cup of tea. Your head is going to keep telling you that you cannot do this, so get real with your answers before this happens and don’t be your own worst enemy this month.

Negative mindset

NEGATIVE DIET MINDSET – Do any of these seem familiar to you?

How do you turn it into a POSITIVE DIETING MINDSET?

I can’t do this >>> You CAN DO THIS.  There is nothing in this that is outside your skill base. Make a shake, drink it. Open a meal bar, eat it. It is actually very simple to do if your head is in the right place and you are focused and determined.

I need to eat to feel better >>> The first few days / first week can be challenging at times.  Recognise this in advance. Know that you are more than likely going to feel this way. Make sure you have your products regularly and don’t leave it too long in between. Drink your water, have a bath or go for a walk. You can feel better loads of ways, you do not need food to feel better. Listen to your favourite music, or do something else that will make you feel better.

This is too hard for me >>> This is hard. This is short term pain, for long term gain. Living life feeling overweight and not fitting into your clothes is HARD. Choose your hard.

Negative mindset

I am always going to be fat, what’s the point >>> You will always be fat if you keep doing what you are doing and don’t make change. If change doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.  You want to change your weight, it is going to challenge you. Love the challenge!! Bring it on!

Sure life is for living, I’m not doing this diet anymore >>> LIE LIE LIE!! This is total BS! Don’t even let yourself entertain this thought. This is absolute rubbish. Don’t live to eat. Eat to live. Make it your personal mission to live a life that is fulfilling that does not require you to eat to make you feel like you enjoy your life. This is not a LONG TERM thing. Food is not going anywhere. You can enjoy plenty of healthy meals when you get to your target. Settle yourself on your dedication to the meal replacements until you get to your goal, and then you can REALLY LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT…. And not have to settle for a life that you let your weight dedicate what you do and where you go.

What’s the point of doing this diet if I am going to be miserable >>> So why did you start the diet?? Was it not because you felt miserable in the first place? After the first week or so when you have completed your detox from carbs and junk food you will feel better than you have felt in months / years. Every customer says the same thing, that they FEEL AMAZING on the plan. So fight through those early days and you will be rewarded. Or give up and feel miserable anyways… like you did before you started the plan. Your choice! 

Negative mindset

I am just going to do healthy eating, I can’t do this >>> Great, do that! But my guess is you TRIED THAT BEFORE YOU TRIED MEAL REPLACEMENTS? And obviously if you bought meal replacements then that did not work for you!! Losing weight is HARD. If you have a lot to lose, losing 1 or 2 pounds a week (with those weeks where you stay the same or put on pound or 2 on in between) it can be one of the most demoralising things to even contemplate. This diet is strict. But give it 100% and you will get 100% results. Then when you get to your goal weight you can follow a healthy eating plan to maintain, and not to lose weight, which will be much easier for you to do.

By simply taking a negative thought and turning it on its head, you are stopping that negative thought from turning into a negative action. So the next time a negative thought pops into your head… STOP…. THINK and realise the POSITIVE in every situation 🙂


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