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[OFFER]: Big Summer Sail Now On!

[OFFER]: Big Summer Sail Now On!

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Summer Sail

BIG Summer Sail Now ON!

We don’t do things by halves at The New You Plan!

The New You Plan Big Summer Sail has arrived! The ship has docked and it’s loaded full of amazing offers to keep you topped up with your fave New You goodies.

For 12 days only, we have 12 amazing deals to help you create your New You for even less!

This summer, we’re on a mission to help as many people as possible to reach their dream dress size and make the season truly amazing!

These top up bundles are the perfect partner to our Summer Transformation Bundles and will help you stay on track.

So whether you’re batty about our Bars, go silly for our Shakes, crave our Hot Meals or love our tasty Snacks, from just 90p each, shop a little bit of what you love for even less.

Summer Sail

Here’s our 12 MEGA deals for 12 days only:

1) 50 Bars for £65

If you’re batty about our bars, this bundle gives you your choice of 50 Bars for only £65! That’s just £1.30 per Bar!

2) 10 Wafers for £15

Keep those sweet tooth cravings at bay, with 10 Wafers for only £15. That’s just £1.50 per Wafer.

3) 75 Shakes or Soups for £80

Make Soups and Shakes your saviour this summer by shopping your choice of 75 Shakes or Soups for only £80. That’s just £1.06 per meal!

4) 20 Crisps for £20

Be prepared for when you need a little munch with plenty of flavour, thanks to this bundle of 20 Crisps for just £20. That’s only £1 per packet.

5) 30 Breakfasts or Desserts for £35

Shop your choice of 30 Breakfasts or Desserts for only £35. From Omelettes to Porridge, Pancakes to Brownie, shop the meals you love for less, at just £1.16 each.

6) 10 Burgers for £9

BBQ season is in full swing and thankfully you’ll feel like you’re not missing out thanks to 10 Burgers for only £9. That’s the amazingly low price of just 90p per Burger!

7) 10 PFB / Peach Drainers for £8.99

Ensure our Pineapple Fat Burners and Peach drainers are your secret fat burning weapon. Shop your choice of 10 for ONLY £8.99. That’s just 89p per drink!

8) Buy 1 get 1 FREE Water Flavourings

With buy one get one free on Water Flavourings, getting your daily water intake has never been easier. Shop Water Flavourings for ONLY £2.99 each.

9) 30 Hot Meals for £35

If you love our hot Meals, this bundle gives you your choice of 30 Hot Meals for only £35! That’s just £1.16 per Meal!

10) Blender Bottles only £2.99

Need a new Blender Bottle for mixing up those delicious Shakes? Thanks to The New You Plan Big Summer Sail, shop our popular Blender Bottles for only £2.99, saving you 25%.

11) 5 Packets of Gummies for only £9.50

New to The New You Plan, our High Protein Fruity Apple and Juicy Strawberry Gummy Sweets are flying off the shelves! Get your hands on them for even less. Shop your choice of 5 packets for only £9.50 & save 28%.

12) Maple Bars 10 for £9

With this bundle, shop 10 of our delicious Maple Bars for only £9. That’s just 90p per tasty Bar!

HURRY! The 12 deals are only available for 12 days. Offers end midday Friday 25th August!

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