Day 9 The New You Plan Weight Loss Challenge*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee Welcome to Day 9 of the new you plan weight loss challenge! “Let’s make May Magnificent!” I hope the month has got off to a positive start for you, and you are feeling this week is going to be a positive week for you to achieve your weight loss goals

7 Tips to Make You Unstoppable on your TFR Diet

TFR Diet – How to make it a fun and exciting transformation! How do you feel when you think about being on a Total Food Replacement TFR Diet? Overwhelmed… Scared…. Down…. Or… Excited!!! Happy!!! Buzzing!!! How you feel will greatly impact your results, your chances of getting to your healthy weight loss goal, and the experience that you have on your TFR

New You Diet: What packs to eat and when?

New You Diet Meal Replacements New You Diet Meal Replacements have been specifically formulated to give you the highest standard of quality meal replacements that can help you to quickly and easily achieve your weight loss goals and maintain. Meal replacements provide structure, ease and convenience, which is perfect for those who have let their eating get out of control

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