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Day 30 of the new you plan weight loss challenge, and I hope you are feeling and looking GOOD.


This has been an amazing journey, and it is almost over! We have COVERED SO MUCH this month, with our daily blogs, videos, tasks and inspiration!

Like everything in life, the more you put in the more you get out, and I hope that you have made the most of this opportunity to follow this challenge, watch the videos and complete the tasks.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who left comments and participated in the challenge.

Today’s video is a recap of the hi-lights of the month, looking at the key points that will HELP YOU TO MAKE THE LIFESTYLE AND MINDSET SHIFTS to help you create the new you for the long term.   If you have been following the challenge I hope this video is a great summary for you to remind you and refresh you to continue on your amazing journey.

If you are new to new you, then I hope you find this video a great source of inspiration, as it will offer you so much inspiration and great tips, if you want to find out more about any of the topics covered then you can find all the videos in the new you plan weight loss challenges section, you can watch all the videos at your leisure.

If you want to get started with the new you plan READ OUR GETTING STARTED PAGE.

Please remember to update the Weight Loss Leaderboard. – CLICK HERE TO UPDATE THE LEADERBOARD – I really want us to have an AMAZING TEAM RESULT!! Every pound counts, every person counts!! So please update the leaderboard!! xx

[highlight]TODAYS TASK – Please leave a comment below to share your HILIGHTS OF THE MONTH – What made MAY MAGNIFICENT FOR YOU??  I would love to know what you achieved this month both in your weight loss results, mindset shifts, habits formed’S TA, and any other important life goals that you achieved!  I will be giving prizes away tomorrow!! Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge!!  [/highlight]

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4 thoughts on “DAY 30 – New You Weight Loss Challenge – HIGLIGHTS OF THE MONTH – WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR A GREAT OVERVIEW

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      Julie-anne a fantastic video well done on having it all together as some days I didnt get to watch and had to watch 2/3 in one day so this was great to recap on everything. Having bought my new size 12 clothes Im off now to throw out my size 14 suits and do a bit of motion and tackle my 7year olds room!!xx

    • Author gravatar

      Great vidio. I have lost a stone in May so in the last 45 days that I have been on the plan I have lost a total of 2 stone. Thats the most weight that I have ever lost. I put on a load of weight when I had my daughter and kept most of it on and then over the years added more. My daughter is now 40 I think that makes me the oldest dieter here. I shall be sixty in August, although I cannot do anything about being sixty (I wish I could). I am not going to be FAT AND SIXTY. I am going to be able to keep up with my granddaughters. Good luck to everybody. Lillian

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Julie-Ann,

      Great video, it really reminded me what we have covered this whole month and what a great journey is with the New You. I completed my week 4 and reached my May goal which I am very proud of. It has been quite easy for me to stick to the plan 100% as I am in the right mindset and really want to change my life. I have gone down a dress size from 20/22 to 18 and can now fit into my smaller jeans, which is great. Although I have a broken leg and still months before it heals and I can walk again, New You has given me a great motivation to change my life for the better and to enjoy life to the fullest despite the injury. I feel full of life and very proud of myself and my confidence is already higher as I see myself completing each day and feeling good in myself. So, thank you New You for giving me a start to the new me. xxx 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      What a great video. I only started New You 4 days ago, so was too late to enter the May challenge. This “highlights” video has given me loads of inspiration and tips to success – thank you! Looking forward to getting on those scales in 3 days time…
      Carol x

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