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[Customer Interview] Debbie Loses 35lbs* With The New You Plan

[Customer Interview] Debbie Loses 35lbs* With The New You Plan

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*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

Hi all 😀 My name is Debbie Underwood, I was originally born in Manchester a Northern Girl, but I now live in Somerset where I have lived for the last 25 years.


I love spending time with my family who have all grown up now and left home so its just me, my husband and my English bull dog Winston who I love to bits. I have a very busy social life as I am involved with a lot of local community things in my area. We also have a family business which I am very involved in.


Tell us about your weight and lifestyle before you started the plan


1.What was your starting weight?


11 st 13lbs


2. What was your dress size?




3. Have you tried other diets?


Yes, I have tried another TFR diet and a conventional food diet. 


4. Why do you feel you put your weight on and what have you struggled with before starting the plan that stopped you from losing weight?


I put the weight on over a number of years, mainly due to a road accident I had in 2009 which stopped me from exercising and I developed M.E as a consequence of the accident, this slowed me down a lot and made me miserable which in turn made me comfort eat and drink. My struggles during my weight gain was snacking, I just used to snack all day as well as eat, and I drank Wine every night.


5. How did you feel before you started the plan?


Miserable and overweight.

debbieunderwood 2


Tell us about when you started the plan


1. What moment or event started your weight loss journey?


New Year Holiday, I fell terribly Ill abroad and it took me a long time to get over it when I returned to the UK, I also saw some really horrible photo’s and it was my daughter who said MUM I think you need to sort out this weight issue!


2. How did you hear about us?


My niece had done the plan and lost 4 stone and she looked fantastic so I thought I would give it a try.


3. What made you decide to join The New You Plan?


My Niece recommended it.


4. What plan have you been following through The New You Plan, Fast Focus, Fresh Focus or Family Focus?


Fast Focus at first, now I use the plan as and when I need too, sometimes I do Fresh Focus and family focus.


5. Why did you choose the plan option?


Because I like to see results fast, it gives me motivation to keep going..


6. How long have you been on the plan?


I Started the Plan on the 9th February 2015, it took me until July 2015 to get to my first goal of 9 stone 7lbs, since then I have just tried to maintain and if I feel I am getting a little out of control, I pop back on the plan for at least 21 days to get myself back into shape.


7. How much weight have you lost?


2stone 7lbs*


8. How many jean sizes have you lost?


2 Dress Sizes 


debbieunderwood 3


Tell us about what you enjoyed while doing the plan


1. How has the support of the New You team helped you?


Its fantastic, So motivating and the SS Page if great.


2. Tell us what meals you enjoyed and why?


I like most of the meals, my favourites are strawberry shakes, hazelnut bars and pancakes.


3. What was your daily menu- please provide breakfast lunch dinner tea and favourite snack?


  • Breakfast – Nom Noms or Pancakes

  • Lunch – Bar

  • Afternoon – Shake

  • Dinner – Either Veg Chilli, Cottage Pie, Noodle Nosh or pasta carbonara 


4. Would you recommend customers to join secret slimmers?




5. If yes explain why how has secret slimmers helped inspire you?


It gives you the motivation to do as well as others on the page, see’s people’s highs and lows, its just great, a little family really.


Debbieunderwood 1


Tell us about how you feel now?


1. How do you feel now after losing your weight?


Fantastic and everyone says how much younger I look


2. What weight are you now?


At the moment I am 9 stone 10 lbs – so back on plan at the moment


3. What dress size are you now?


Some things a 10 others a 12


4. Have you reached your goal?


Not my ultimate goal which is 9 stone


5. If you have not reached your goal what is your goal and how much more do you want to lose?


My goal is 9 stone and I would like to reach this by November for my sons wedding


6. How has your weight loss impacted positively on your ever day life?


Yes I have more energy, I sleep better and It has helped my menopause no end, I don’t believe in HRT


7.What was the nicest compliment you received since reaching your weight loss goal or current weight loss?


WOW what did you do, I will have some of that – you look 20 years younger


8. Do you feel your mind-set has changed with following the plan?4f85a9bf6b5f71afd00f4b21307b2d63


Yes for sure, If I feel myself slipping into old habits I am straight back on plan, I watch what I eat and drink, I do have a blow out now and again but I know if I have over indulged New You is there to keep me in check.


Tell us more


1. Do you have any favourite sayings, quotes, or anything that inspires you?


I will be back on plan soon.


2. If you were to give advice to anyone considering starting a weight loss journey, what would you say?


Be prepared, empty your cupboards from all the naughty bits and pieces, plan your days in the beginning not to have any social events on as that does help.


3. What tips would you offer someone who is thinking about starting their weight loss journey but has not yet made the decision to join the new you plan?


Don’t leave it until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.

debbieunderwood 21


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