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Mindset Hacks To Switch On Your Diet Motivation

Mindset Hacks To Switch On Your Diet Motivation

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Mindset hacks

NEW YEAR NEW YOU? Has your diet been scuppered already or have you failed to get it started? Get back on track with these mindset hacks to switch on your motivation and achieve your goals in time for spring!

The New You Plan is a total food replacement plan, which uses the science of ketosis to ensure safe, fast, exciting and motivating weight loss results. We have helped thousands of men and women to lose weight and keep it off, using our perfect combination of meals, mindset and motivation.

All New You Plan customers have access to our private online community support group, Secret Slimmers. This safe, motivational group is home to over 6000 members, all on the same journey together.

Mindset hacks

And when it comes to this plan, no one knows it quite like our Secret Slimmers. Have you already thrown in the towel on your new year diet? Are you demotivated by slow weight loss results, feeling tired and hungry and lacking in inspiration?

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place!

Because our Secret Slimmers know our TFR plan inside and out, they’re the perfect people to ask for diet motivation. Here, they share their top mindset hacks to switch on your diet motivation and give your weight loss goals your all this January!

Mindset Hacks To Switch On Your Diet Motivation…

“If I want to eat something I always ask myself am I really hungry or do I just want to eat? A lot of the time I realise I’m not really hungry. Just asking this question helps me a lot. X” – J.A.M.

Mindset hacks

“Keep a list of the reasons you’re on New You, along with a list of all the things you will be able to do when you’re at target pinned up in the kitchen. I have three, one on the fridge door, one where I lay out my packs for the next day and one on the bread bin. If I feel like blipping I have a Peach Drainer or a Pineapple Fat Burner made up hot in a huge mug and sit and visualise myself svelte and fit doing the things I most want to lose weight for. By the time I’ve finished it the moment has usually passed. The other thing I do is keep busy in the evenings, crafting or writing or training my dogs, anything that engages my mind and my hands.” – A.T.

Mindset hacks

“I think I was so determined because I struggled to get into any of my clothes. I was fading into the background and just didn’t feel like myself. I would walk with my head down and was just generally unhappy with myself. Also, when the doctor mentioned my weight that really rang alarm bells for me. I hadn’t realised how much weight I had gained the last few years. So after I lost 7lb the first week on new you I just thought you know what, I can do this and remembering just how unhappy and unfit I was before I started New You spurred me on and I have never really looked back.” – L.S.

Mindset hacks

“The more you blip the longer you’re going to have to do this. Go back to the reason you’re wanting to do this. Look at old photos of the old yourself. Stick photos of you all over the house to keep you motivated. Xx” – L.B.

“I found in the past that if I could imagine myself at an event or some occasion at my goal and really have a clear vision of this and how I would feel / what I would wear etc. It gave me so much motivation. I would picture this every night in bed and every morning. X” – J.M.

“1. I pretend I’m an astronaut in space and can only eat 4 packs a day. If I eat too many I’ll run out of food! 2. Pretend I’m having an operation and I have to eat these packs otherwise the op won’t be a success. Yes I am crazy.” – L.D.F

Mindset hacks

“Take one day at a time and have structured meals – 12pm, 3pm, 6pm & 9pm works for me. Also have a coffee after every meal. Break wafers in half and have half every time you feel like you need a snack xxx” – D.R.

“Plan the day ahead the night before. Get all 4 packs out first thing as well as water bottles and Water Flavourings, 1 snack, 2 bullion, 250mls milk, 4 coffees. Wow – all this food in 1 day”  – S.S.

Mindset hacks

“I need this, my kids need me in their lives and to be fit and healthy enough to play with them. Plus I will go on that slide on holiday lol” – N.B.

“Don’t say to yourself ‘I can’t eat that’, instead say ‘I don’t eat that’. Someone said this when I first started the diet, and it really helped me when around normal food. Seems to alter your mindset in a more positive way, so you don’t feel deprived” – L.M.K.

Mindset hacks

“Set the background on your phone as an inspirational quote/goal weight photo – we all look at our mobiles regularly and this can really help without realising x” – E.L.G.

“Remember Julz Muldoon’s words – you are not saying “no” or denying yourself anything, you are saying “YES” to a healthier diet and lifestyle and “YES” to the New You you want to be. That change in thinking seems to be key. xx”- J.R.

“I hung up the little black dress I bought to wear for my birthday in 2016. It wouldn’t zip up past my ass lol. So every morning I got up I saw the dress I said to myself I’ll get into that dress and I did this year on 9th December” – H.B.

Mindset hacks

“My biggest tip would be to be a member of Secret Slimmers. When I first started this plan I was on my own & never did anything like this before and found myself having to listen to quite a few negative comments mainly from family, but as soon I joined Secret Slimmers my mindset grew strong and found every bit of confidence to say bugger off to the haters. I haven’t looked back since and now 2.5st lighter and happier” – D.T.

“Give that niggling voice who tells you that one bite won’t matter a name. Mine is called Fred and tell him to F $#@ off Fred when he rears his head!” – S.R.S.

So there you have it! Use these mindset hacks throughout your journey to stay focused on your end goal and to stop yourself blipping!


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