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Two Week

Two Week

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Two weeks could change your life!

If you are new to The New You Plan, or don’t know quite where to begin, then we’re here today to tell you how easy our plan is to follow and also the results that you could explain to achieve within 14 days. We understand that all bodies are different, we all have different metabolisms so we can’t exactly guarantee number of lbs you’ll lose but we can show  you what some of our incredible slimmers have achieved.

When you join The New You Plan you’ll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook group, a family of incredible people called Secret Slimmer. This group is packed full of motivation and support. Every single day people are sharing their victories whether its their weight loss or a mini-fist-pump moments.






If that isn’t enough to inspire you we also wanted to share the journeys of two of our Secret Slimmers and what they managed to achieve in just 2 weeks.

Hannah’s 2 week transformation


I was nervous to start but I just kept powering through and reminding myself why I was doing this diet. Before I knew it, I was jumping on the scales for my second weigh in! I lost 17lbs in just two weeks and felt like a whole knew me!


So now you know how easy it is, then you’ll want to know how to get there!

If you’re just starting out on your journey, or coming back to the plan then we would recommend our 60 TFR bundle. This bundle will last you for 14 days. You’ll be able to enjoy 4 meals per day and 2-3 snacks per week. What’s even BETTER is that with The New You Plan we’re more than just a diet company. We are a total lifestyle change: meals, mindset, motivation and maintenance. With unrivalled customer service, a 100% money back guarantee and unlimited online support you’ll be able to get in the zone and smash your goals in 14 days.


Benefits of this incredible bundle:

60 Meals/Snacks of Your Choice

Over 40 Delicious Meals and Snacks to Chose From

New Customers get Free Gifts Worth 

New Customers can Swap Products

100% Money Back Guarantee

Access to our Exclusive Secret Slimmers Facebook Group 

Unlimited Resources in Customer Hub

Free Shipping

Exclusive New You Plan Recipes




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