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Love Your Summer Body

Love Your Summer Body

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The negative feelings you have towards your body when you are overweight comes from so many sources. Films, T.V, models in magazines, filtered social media posts and even the mannequins in shop windows. Whether you realise it or not, you are constantly bombarded with images of what you should look like. All of these things highlight the fact that you don’t conform to these beauty standards. This inevitably leads to self loathing.

The good news is that although so many things have been telling you that you don’t look right, there is just one thing you can change to reverse those feelings. Your mindset. 

Once you come to terms with the fact that having a negative body image is all about mindset, then you can move forward and discover some self love. Get away from the idea that self love comes with weight loss. You can still love your body but not like being overweight. The positivity comes from the fact that you are making moves to change your weight.

Our mindset coach, Pascale believes that you can embrace body positivity in 7 days by appreciating other things about your body and not focusing on the numbers on your scales or clothing label. Your body is an incredible thing and you should talk about it more positively by thinking about and answering these questions:

  • What is something that you love about your body?
  • Say something nice about your least favourite part of your body. 
  • Write about a scar/mark that has a beautiful story.
  • Share a fun, unique quirk about your body.
  • Describe an outfit that makes you feel confident.
  • What is something good about a body feature of yours that you don’t like?
  • Find three positive words to describe your body.
  • Look at what your body can accomplish.

Focusing on what your body can do rather than what it can’t is a great exercise in changing your body image mindset. It can be simple things that you may take for granted, like your ears allow you to listen to your favourite music or your arms are great for hugging your children. 

List what your body can accomplish and be grateful and thankful for all of those things. Keep all the positives in mind when your brain drifts into a negative space. 

Join Pascale for the last of this month’s FREE coaching sessions, where she will be helping you with your body image mindset and showing you how you can love the body you’re in and still make changes. Also if you haven’t already, download your free workbook from the guides section in Secret Slimmer’s so you can complete the activities that Pascale has set for you to ensure your success.

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