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Lose Weight With a Solstice State Of Mind

Lose Weight With a Solstice State Of Mind

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Every day is a school day and today you get to learn a little history!

Traditionally, the summer solstice is seen as a perfect time to make plans, think about life goals and begin forging new habits. Because of the sun’s positive influences making you feel more energised and happy, you’re more likely to succeed in whatever changes you make. 

Here is how you can keep those happy vibes alive and be successful in your weight loss journey:

  • Breakaway from bad habits that negatively affect your life.
  • Revisit your water intake. Are you drinking enough? It was believed that water drunk during midsummer would bring good health! 
  • Spending time out in the sun to get some much-needed vitamin D. It has all sorts of health benefits.
  • Think about the relationships you have with the people around you. Are there negative ones you could really do without?
  • Make plans to do something that makes you happy.
  • Write a list of rewards to give yourself when you reach a goal. Hang it where you can see it for some positive motivation.
  • Look at your weight loss plan and readjust it if you think you need to.
  • List some new habits you would like to introduce, like a daily walk for example. Make it achievable so you can stick to it.

We are celebrating the summer solstice this week by offering you a special discount code that will drop 1% each day for 10 days from 21st June, just like the sun drops by 1% each day.

The summer solstice, midsummer or Litha as it can be known, is commonly seen as a celebration of the longest day of the year. In the UK Pagans and those who honour the solstice, journey to Salisbury Plain. They hold their festivities near Stonehenge where the ancient stones perfectly align with the rising sun. It’s all very ‘woo’.

Solstice comes from the word ‘solstitium’. Sol meaning sun and ‘sistere’ meaning still or to stand still. It is believed that ‘still’ comes from the appearance of the sun’s stillness as it sets. This stillness is also mirrored in the practice of pause and reflection on the longest day of the year.

Folklore tells stories of how midsummer is a time of magic and the boundaries between worlds are blurred, letting fairies and demon’s crossover. With plants at their most potent due to the sun’s energies, Pagans would adorn protective garlands and use St John’s Wort (chase-devil) to banish evil. 

For thousands of years, our ancestors have worshipped the sun. Civilizations celebrated midsummer believing it to be a symbol for growth and positive change.

Whether you are interested in the celebration of the summer solstice or not, the list contains excellent ideas to explore. Applying any of these will help you to move along in your weight loss journey.

There is no doubt that spending time outside in natural daylight and the sun can really energize and lift you up. And taking time out to reconnect with nature and the beautiful things around you can give a super boost to your mental health. 

From where we’re standing, the summer solstice has the power to put you in the best frame of mind so you can take control of your life and your future health.

Read more on our blog this Tuesday June 29th how this stage of the year can help your journey……..

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