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How the Science behind the Summer Solstice Can Help You in Your Weight Loss Journey!

How the Science behind the Summer Solstice Can Help You in Your Weight Loss Journey!

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The happier you are and the more efficiently your body is working, the easier it will be for you to lose weight and progress in your journey.

Although the summer solstice is traditionally a pagan celebration, there is some science behind the idea that the closeness of the sun can affect us both physically and mentally.

Natural light is essential to your health and wellbeing as it regulates the hormones that control energy levels, mood and sleep. Some of you may experience S.A.D which shows how in tune your body is with the seasons just like flowers, animals and ecosystems.

Now, it would be unlike us to give you a science lesson, but knowing the why’s or the how’s is far better than just being told what to do without reason. So prepared to be showered with wholesome knowledge!

Sunlight triggers our bodies to produce our happy hormone-serotonin. Yummy! So if you ever wondered why you are unusually chipper on those random sunny days we get, it’s because of a glorious natural chemical our brain makes. 

Interestingly, studies conducted on social media have revealed that in the run-up to the longer days, posts and messages became more positive and as the days shortened communication became increasingly negative.

Biologically (*adjusts glasses preparing for more science) our bodies are linked to the movements of the sun. Have you heard about circadian rhythms or an internal body clock? The sun affects how your body clock ticks (sorry) thus (*channelling Shakespeare now) influencing its intricate workings within your body. A good example of this is how night shift workers find it harder to lose weight. The lack of sunlight (and disrupted sleep patterns) confuses the body clock which has a negative impact on the metabolism. 

To get even more technical, our bodies actually trap light as photons (*nothing to do with Ghostbusters) which then oxygenates the body making it work like a well-oiled machine.

An abundance of sunlight also increases your body’s production of the fabulous melatonin which regulates your sleep.

We are celebrating the summer solstice this week by offering you a special discount code that will drop 1% each day for 10 days from 21st June, just like the sun drops by 1% each day.

So how can you make the most of this science-y information when it comes to your weight loss?

Well, all of the above help your body to function better, meaning it is better prepared for any changes you make to your diet so will be more efficient at burning fat.


  • Make sure you get yourself outside in the fresh air even if the suns not out, the natural light is still beneficial.
  • Take full advantage of ample and regular sleep.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Be more mobile if you can, make the most of the light mornings and evenings and take a walk if you can.
  • Enjoy those happy hormones and go and do activities that you enjoy.
  • If you work from home, take your office outside if possible.
  • Keep your curtains open for as long as possible to soak up all that natural light.

We all know that life would cease to exist without the sun’s energy but what is probably lesser known is just how much it can supercharge us physically and emotionally. 

With this new knowledge, apart from taking joy that your brain is a little fuller, you can now use the sun as a tool to fine-tune your body and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing….

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