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How The Summer Solstice Can Kickstart  New Beginnings!

How The Summer Solstice Can Kickstart New Beginnings!

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There are plenty of ways the Summer Solstice can help with your weight loss journey, this is the perfect time for you to kickstart new beginnings, new habits and to manifest on the things that you want.

There are three ways you can manifest positive change during the Summer Solstice:

1. Create a Vision Board
Use this to create a vision of what you are going to achieve before the end of the year. Celebrate the freedom that is coming your way after such a difficult time we have all come through, it is now time for change. Create your plan and work backwards as to how you are going to make your dreams come true. Use your Personal Journey Journal to help document everything, it will be hugely satisfying to read back when you have made your visions a reality.

2. Create a Celebration List
Celebrate all of the things that you have accomplished so far this year despite the circumstances that we have come through, you have been stronger than ever and it needs to be celebrated, you have made all of these things happen.

 3. Get Outdoors
Use the Summer Solstice to your advantage, go for a walk in the evenings or mornings whatever suits your lifestyle best and connect with nature, this will help clear your mind and increase your step count – Win, Win!

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You can use these different tools to both reflect and look forward and make this the best summer ever!

Grab yourself a nice cold shake, blitz with ice if you wish, take action now and get working on your manifesting plan!

We are here for you….x

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