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How To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

How To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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Love yourself

This Valentine’s Day, make YOU your priority! Putting yourself first isn’t selfish… self care promotes a more positive attitude, which ultimately impacts on those around us. Here, we share five easy ways to embrace self care and love yourself this Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, naturally our attention turns to love! While the focus of this celebration is on your love with that special someone in your life, it’s just as important to love yourself as it is others. There’s no doubt that when we love ourselves, we become the best version of ourselves, which in turn has a positive impact on those around us.

So many of us are probably guilty of forgetting to practice the art of loving ourselves because we are too busy looking after everybody else. But the truth is, we aren’t making ourselves a priority.

It is essential to set time aside, just for us, every now and again. This time is crucial! Use your time exactly how you wish, and in a way which works best for you. Whether that’s going to the gym, meditating, practicing yoga, going for a walk, enjoying a relaxing bath, having a massage or facial, finding a quiet corner to read for a while… self care and loving yourself is what you make it. As long as you are using the time to care for yourself and you feel good at the end of it, that’s what matters.

Self care

Sadly, a lot of us think of self-care as selfish or as something we should do once we have got everything on our list done! True self-care is about respecting ourselves, looking after ourselves and nurturing and loving ourselves – both for our own benefit and for the benefit of everyone around us.

This Valentine’s Day, why not vow to devote more time to yourself?! At first, you may feel it’s indulgent but soon you’ll start to feel the benefits and quickly realise its importance and value. You’ll feel great about yourself, which will have a positive effect on others in your life too.

Love yourself

If you’re not sure where to start, it’s easy. We’ve put together 5 top tips for caring for yourself this Valentine’s Day…

1. Know your strengths

Our weaknesses (the needy blighters!) are always screaming out for our undivided attention. Try to instead focus on your strengths. You have so many. Write down your strengths, focus on them and use them daily. Thing about what activities can you do to draw out your strengths? Our new planners for 2018 are the perfect way to delve deep into what makes you happy!

Self care

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Remember, you CAN choose who you keep in your life so choose wisely! The people who are negative tend to indirectly zap your precious energy which could be used to a greater benefit elsewhere! Surround yourself with likeminded people who radiate positivity.

Love yourself

3. Be still

We live in such a rushed, over-stimulated, technology based society. Facebook rules our lives, phones never leave our sides, your tablet is bleeping in your bag. STOP! Sometimes loving yourself is as simple as switching off and focusing your energy and attention elsewhere for a while. Find somewhere beautiful – a park, the woods, the beach or even your bedroom – and just sit there, peacefully and still. Focus on your new you journey, visualising yourself at your target weight, and all the things you’ll be able to do. Absorb the sound of the wind whispering through the trees, the light and the shadows, the sheer and utter peace. It’s meditative and definitely calming for the soul!

4. Create a self-care kit

Fill a small hamper or basket with things that make you happy. This could be a favourite book, a nail varnish you love, treasured photos, a divine body lotion – anything that makes you smile and feel a little bit of inner peace! Keep these items at your disposal. When you really need a self love session, perhaps after a stressful day, all your favourite things will be waiting to make you smile.

Self care

5. Indulge your inner child

Remember what made you happy when you were a child! During a more simple time, we sought comfort in the things we often take for granted now. Running through dewy grass in bare feet, splashing in puddles, picking wild flowers, cycle rides in the countrysides, skimming stones etc. Feed your inner child and watch your positivity grow from strength to strength.

Remember, by nurturing and respecting your health and well-being you’re able to share those euphoric feelings with those around you.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and attention.” – Budha


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