How Mindful Eating Can Easily Help You Smash Your Weight Management Plans

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a practice whereby attention is purposefully paid to the present moment. This practice has the potential to positively affect many aspects of life such as sleep, physical and emotional wellbeing, eating behaviours, anxiety, depression and quality of life. Some of you may have heard about intuitive eating, which in simple terms is listening out for

How To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, make YOU your priority! Putting yourself first isn’t selfish… self care promotes a more positive attitude, which ultimately impacts on those around us. Here, we share five easy ways to embrace self care¬†and love yourself this Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day, naturally our attention turns to love! While the focus of this celebration is on your love

What to do when people are negative about your weight loss

Today, Customer Transformation Coach Candida tackles a very important issue, and one which she has plenty of experience in dealing with herself; What to do when people are negative about your weight loss. Click the video to hear her words and read her full advice below. Why is it that people Рand this includes friends and family Рcan be

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