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Forgive Yourself for Breaking Your Diet*

Forgive Yourself for Breaking Your Diet*

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Forgive yourself for breaking your diet

When we “cheat” on our diet, it can be so easy to “beat” ourselves up and give ourselves a “stern talking too”…. but if you really want to move forward, you need to learn to forgive yourself for breaking your diet, and you need to learn to LOVE YOURSELF.

Forgive yourself for breaking your diet

I love this quote…  “And I said to my body. Softly. “I want to be your friend.” It took a long breath. And replied, “I have been waiting my whole life for this.”

Are you ready to be a friend to your body?

Do you know how much your body loves you?  

Do you know how hard your body works to keep you healthy?

Your body works so hard for you 24/7; even while you sleep, to support you in everything you do.  It fights for you. It restores you.  

All your body wants is for you to love it back. For you to be its friend.

Your body wants your help so that it can do its job better.

Your body wants you to be healthy and happy and full of energy.

Your body wants you to feel proud of it.

If you have been feeling down about your weight, and feeling like a failure for seeking solace in the foods and drinks that are keeping you feeling stuck in a rut, the first step to a New You, is to love yourself.

Forgive yourself for breaking your diet
Breaking your diet can stir up so many negative emotions and self talk. It is time to turn this around, and forgive yourself, and more importantly to love yourself and be a friend to your body. Creating a New You, is really all about, being your own best friend.

 Stop “beating yourself up”

 Stop “talking down to yourself”

 Stop doing things that are “holding yourself back”

 Stop the “negative self talk”

✓ Start “loving yourself inside and out”

✓ Start “being your own best friend”

✓ Start doing things that “love and nourish you”

✓ Start talking to yourself with “love, encouragement and support”

✓ Start “feeling gratitude & respect for your body”

Forgive yourself for breaking your diet

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with the size of your body and to keep reaching for the foods and drinks that are keeping you stuck, and hurting your body.

Total food replacement, is the perfect kick start plan. It is a total break from the habits, behaviours, thoughts, and foods that have been holding you back.

It is the start of a new chapter in your life…

Today can be the first day of a NEW YOU when you only speak words that EMPOWER YOU, where you only think thoughts of GRATITUDE AND RESPECT about your body, when you only take action that will make you STRONG AND HEALTHY.

Following our total food replacement plan can help you to turnaround your situation SUPER FAST.

When you take dramatic positive action that focuses you on GETTING SLIM AND HEALTHY, your body will THANK YOU FOR IT.

Once you get into ketosis, your body will feel amazing. Immediately the bloated feeling disappears and your tummy feels flatter. Your body can start to heal itself and restore, as it benefits from the “fasting effect”. You get a release from the feeling of hunger. Your body is tapped into your body fat for its primary fuel source, and it is full of energy and it feels good!

When you start losing weight your body will be able to function much better, and do a better job for you. Your body will be healthier at a lower BMI, and you can drop from OBESE TO HEALTHY in just a few months, lowering the risk of obesity related diseases. Everyone is different with how long it takes to get to a healthy BMI, depending on your size, but the results are motivating and they GIVE YOU THE CONFIDENCE that YOU CAN BE SLIM & HEALTHY.

Some people say do it slowly, make small changes…. I say do it fast, make the change, get excited, see the results, and get a clear vision and feeling of who you want to be and how you want to live!

It is time to start writing your life story based on loving yourself, rather than hurting yourself… join us today on a total food replacement mission, so that you can end this year feeling STRONG, SLIM, HEALTHY, HAPPY AND PROUD.


Are you ready to write a new chapter in your life story?

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Are you ready to finish this year feeling slim, healthy and proud and totally and utterly in love with your body?  Are you ready to change the self talk to words that love and nourish you, and make you feel positive and empowered?  Are you ready to commit to eating in a way that makes you healthy and helps your body to support you easily? Are you ready to be your own best friend?

It is time to be a friend to your body and to end this year feeling EMPOWERED, STRONG AND HEALTHY!

If you want to talk to a member of our friendly team about how to get started, please call us on…

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We are here to help you create your new you 🙂

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