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A Tale Of Two Christmases

A Tale Of Two Christmases

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Which of these scenarios will you follow this Christmas? Are you team Santa or team Grinch? Will you write off 2019 or end the year strong?!

Christmas seems to separate people into one of two camps. You are either Team Santa or Team Grinch. Christmas shopping either starts in October (with presents wrapped and labelled by November) or the local garage gets an opportunity to off load (blow dust off)  3 years’ worth of tat on Christmas Eve. Challenges appear in even the strongest of relationships when one partner is a Christmas lover and the other a Christmas loather.

When it comes to weight loss, Christmas also falls into one of two camps.

We are three quarters of the way through the year and you, my friend have a choice. Are you going to write off the year?  We are almost at the end of the year…is there any point in doing anything now? After all, the days are getting shorter and colder, it’s tempting to curl up on the sofa with some comfort food in front of the fire. And then there’s Halloween. There will be parties and Trick or Treat (actual pumpkins full of sweet treats). And then of course the lead up to Christmas. Because even though Christmas is only officially two days, festive feasting seems to start earlier every year with Christmas food appearing in shops before Halloween!

How tempted are you just write off 2019? You tried to lose weight, for whatever reason it didn’t happen. Sure, you can try again in 2020, right? New Year…New You and all that?

Well of course you could.

But first a cautionary tale.

Indulge us… we are one of the ones who are Team Santa on a Christmas countdown. This tale comes with love but also from a place of experience.

You might decide to write the rest of 2019 off health and diet wise, but we need to tell you how that will go. While you might be able to enjoy any food or drink in any quantities because you after all – you have given yourself permission to – you won’t. And that is because there is still that little voice in your head that knows, no matter how many times you put it off, you still want to lose weight. And that little voice will not be quiet, no matter how much you try to convince yourself you are enjoying whatever tasty morsel is in front of you. Eating and drinking your way to the end of 2019 may sound wonderful in theory but the reality will be very different. Clothes will feel tighter; you will feel sluggish and bloated and just generally meh. We know, because we have been there.  And the reality? You will most likely gain weight.

Let’s take a look at an alternative ending to 2019.

It’s that time of year again. The air is turning chillier, the nights are closing in and our thoughts are turning to that Christmas party outfit we’ll be wearing in two months’ time. A new decade is mere weeks away and you want to finish 2019 strong and in control. You know that following the New You Plan will average a weight loss of around 1 stone a month, so you decide to commit to being on plan until the week before Christmas.

You plan to reach the end of 2019, healthier, happier and at least two stone lighter. Full of excitement, you plan your daily packs, drink your water and even fit in a little extra movement. As the pounds drop off, you are sleeping better, have more energy and your confidence is soaring. Excited, you plan a shopping trip with friends to choose the perfect Christmas outfit… two sizes smaller. You spend the week before Christmas on a guided refeed before thoroughly enjoying the Christmas period. You start the new decade confident and in control with either a maintenance plan or a plan to further your weight loss.

Now, we are not exactly Charles Dickens here, but there you have it. A tale of two Christmases. Which one will you choose? To finish 2019 strong for £3.92 a day click here.

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